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Love Yourself On Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What does one do if they have no significant other? Or even if they do? And what is Valentine’s Day?

l am of the opinion a diyhomegoddess should celebrate herself on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because she can, and who else loves you better than yourself?

History of Valentine’s Day

What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Catholics claim St Valentine was someone who married soldiers against Claudius II rules of having soldiers single. Or there was a man named Valentine in a prison, fell in love with a woman jailor, and sent her the first valentine. Pagans state there was a festival for fertility called Lupercalia on February 15th and women’s names were placed in an urn, bachelors drew a name, and they courted for the next year, with many getting married.

Valentine greeting date back to the Middle Ages, but it is said the first written one didn’t appear until after 1400.

People started sharing valentine cards in the 1800s.

Find more information about the history here.

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My Review on the Kreg Jig


What is a Kreg Jig, my diy home goddesses? It is the most wonderful tool, if you want to try to make a few simple things. ‘Like what’, I hear being whispered in the background. Well, have a seat, and let me tell you all about my experience.

My Story and a Little History on the Chair Rail

My living room was not useable. Imagine, a useless room! I mean, I live in my kitchen and my basement. I don’t get a lot of company, so I don’t need a formal living room. Its set up is not conducive to a media center. A fireplace takes up a lot of wall. And it’s kind of small for a pool table, ping pong table, or any fun toys. It was just wasted space.

Kreg Jig

Here is my handiwork with the Kreg Jig

Kreg Jig

See how nicely they fit under the chair rail?

furniture touch up

The Poker Table

Prohibition Liquor Cabinet

And the prohibition liquor cabinet!

So I decided to turn it into a ‘gentleman’s room’. I envisioned a library, with a poker table. You know, the kind of room where people could play cards (or in my case, blackjack), or read, or write mysteries, or play computer games, or even work on their blog.

But I had this big problem, you see. I had chair rails on every single piece of wall in the living room. Chair rails protect the walls from dings from a chair. So why where they in the living room? Yeah, I had them in the dining room, and in the front hall for that matter. Read more


bread bag


The Problem

How do you store homemade bread? What? You don’t make homemade bread you say? Guess what? I don’t either. But my roommate got me a mini bread maker for my birthday this year, so I guess I will start. But doesn’t everyone occasionally get one of those artisan loaves from the grocery store? A small loaf of Italian bread maybe? A small bag of fresh French crusty rolls? Not those Hawaiian rolls, I’m talking the ones with real crust on them. Bread you have to use that handy dandy serrated knife you have just sitting in your drawer for.
Maybe you made some of my Spaghetti Sauce (or you got creative and tweaked it, good for you!), or you made my Beef over Noodles, or even my Pot Roast. My, aren’t we getting to be a little Suzy Homemaker! So you went to the store and got a loaf of crusty bread to go with it, or some fabulous rolls.
But, you didn’t eat them all during dinner. So you put them in a quart sized plastic bag. Maybe you didn’t have anything over the next couple of days that would go with the leftover bread. Or maybe you stashed it somewhere, and forgot about it. And within a day or two, they got stale, or even worse, moldy. So you wasted some of your hard earned money and some wonderfully tasty bread, because you didn’t eat it fast enough.
What is a DIY home goddess to do? Never buy that wonderful homemade bread again? Or if she has one of those homemade bread makers, not use it, and let it gather dust? Heavens no! She takes a few items and makes a bread bag or two.  Read more

Plan a Vacation with a Scrapbook of Ideas


Plan a Vacation with a Scrapbook for the Best Vacation Ever!

What do you mean, plan a vacation with a scrapbook?

Everywhere, people are posting pictures of their befores and afters.

  • Rooms redesigned
  • Furniture (hmm, you will probably mine here, here, or even here)
  • Bodies transformed
  • Landscaping
  • Make-up or hair makeovers
  • Wardrobes
  • Clean houses instead of clutter

Why not do a before and after of your vacation? I mean, come on! You plan a vacation, right? At least if it’s somewhere you have never been before, or if you have a certain goal in mind. So why not plan a vacation up to the next level? That way you can also see what you thought about doing versus what you actually did. Or even make a book of a dream of a lifetime vacation.

plan a vacation

I went all out on planning this book for a friend!

The Story

A good friend of mine (Cruzen) saw my photo album of my Las Vegas vacation. You can create one on the Walmart website. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime, and it was done very professionally. She was so jealous of the fun she saw in the album that she talked her Boo into cancelling one of the cruises for the year and booked a week in Las Vegas. She didn’t know what to do in Vegas; Read more

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