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Your Hobby in Pictures

HOBBY IN PICTURESYour Hobby in Pictures

Do you display your hobby or love?

What do you mean, Hestia?

Do you have a favorite hobby, or love some thing? Some thing that shows who you are? What you are about? Do you show it off? Do you have it in such a place that all it is a conversation starter?

No, you say? I don’t know how to do that, you mutter? Not any longer can you say that, because today we are going to learn to show off your personality, very cheaply, in your home. Display your hobby in pictures!

hobby in pictures

Yeah, it’s a typewriter, just like I learned on.

You all know me by now, and know I have a love of things old fashioned. Not necessarily antiques, but definitely older items touch my heart and soul. Last year I was stalling for time at the train station, and found one of those miniature calendars, showing a typewriter, rotary telephone, real camera, a projector… you get the hint, right? It was so cute, I had to buy it, even though I had no clue what I was going to do with it.

FYI, I am not really organized. I love the idea of calendars and to do lists, but that is not me. I just fly by the seat of my pants for the most part. Read more

Canvas Headboards


Canvas Headboards

Are headboards overrated as a useful item?

I am not sure at this point. A headboard takes up a lot of prime real estate, depending on what you use. If you have a wood headboard, there is probably a footboard that goes with it. That can equate to 6 inches of valuable, unusable floor space in a potentially small bedroom.

Okay, some people like to have a headboard that is also a mini bookcase, for their nighttime reading pleasures and emergency storage. But, that is a foot of space! If you have a double size mattress, that turns a 75 inch bed length into about 84 inches. Read it goddesses, that is 7 feet of bed. And a queen size bed, goes from 80 inches to roughly 90. If your bedroom is on the smaller size, let’s say a 15X12 like mine, that doesn’t leave much room for other furniture. You may end of crawling over the bed to get from one end of the room to the other.

Yeah, they look elegant, but they can be very expensive as well! The full wooden headboards and footboards that were popular when I was young, and extremely heavy are not in demand as much anymore. Read more

Hidden Bookends


Hidden Bookends

Hidden? Did I hear you whisper free? Seriously? Yes, my goddess, you can make bookends for free!

Hidden bookends

The finished look

Do you have a lot of books? Do they take up so much space on your open book shelves that there is no room for the bookends to keep them from toppling over?

If so, here is a perfect solution that costs no money (you probably have all the supplies you need), and takes absolutely none of the prime real estate. I spent hours searching the internet for easy bookends to make, and found this!

Hidden bookends

This shows how to fold and cut

Supply List

  • sheets of paper (I use scrapbook papers I buy in bulk but don’t like the particular design), but any regular size sheet of paper will do
  • scissors
  • tape or staples
  • any book, but preferably one you don’t read too often
hidden bookends

This is how you do the first fold and cut


  1. Fold the paper in half.
  2. Open up and fold in half the other way.
  3. Open it back up again and cut one of the folds from the end to the middle of the paper.
  4. Fold the paper up, and put one of the cut ends against the fold of the opposing side.
  5. Now fold up the cut edge of the paper, so the two cut sections are layered. It should look like the bottom and two sides of a box.
  6. Staple or tape the cut sections together once or twice.
  7. Take a book that you want at the end of the shelf, and open to about page 20.
  8. Slide the double paged side in and push it as far as it will go. If the book doesn’t reach the end of the paper, cut it down a little, so it is a snug fit. I told you these were hidden bookends.
  9. Put it on the bookshelf, create another one for the other end, and fill the shelf!

    hidden bookends

    This is how you put it together. Just staple or tape!

The Story

I guarantee, the books WILL NOT fall over. I have had mine up since 2013, and not once has the end book toppled over. If yours does for some unknown reason, use a bigger book, maybe a hard  back.

hidden bookends

This is what it looks like

I do apologize for not putting the source of where I got this. I tried to find it when I was doing this post, and cannot find it anywhere. I remember it was some kind of You tube video, and a man (maybe british?), who was also an author, was showing how to make this. If anyone finds this video, please let me know, so I can give credit where credit is due!

hidden bookends

Add your hardly ever read book

DIY Gift Books


DIY Gift Books

What do you do when you need to buy a present for someone, but they are not helping you in any way with ideas? Do you give them a gift card? Maybe even easier, just give them cash?
If that’s what they want, that is fine. But to me, it is kind of impersonal, and I try to avoid it at all costs.
There is actually something you can make in an hour or two, if you spend a few minutes thinking about the intended recipient first. A one of a kind DIY personalized book! It will run you under $20 (it could be a lot less!) and it will be something you know they don’t have, or will never get from anyone else.

Read more

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