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Taxes – What do I Put Together?


The Story

Here in the United States, just like most other countries, we have to do our taxes every year. Our Federal taxes are due on April 15th. It is something none of us look forward to. It’s not that we really don’t like paying taxes. Okay, we don’t. Really, most of us don’t. But most of us due our civic duty. But the hardest part for the majority is actually preparing our tax returns. And a diy home goddess will always do her civic duty!

The tax system is complicated. Even for accountants it can be. According to reports, you can give 20 different accountants the exact same information, and you will more than likely have 20 different final numbers. That is because each person may interpret the tax laws differently. That is why tax preparers make the big bucks. So we don’t have to do it ourselves.

But we do have to do the preparation for taxes. We have to gather the information.

The Checklist

I have prepared a basic checklist that the average person would need. Each person’s situation is different, and each tax return will need different items. But this will at least give you a start on what to collect to give to your preparer.

Mind you, this checklist is not complete, by any means. Nor is this checklist a substitute for any tax advice, as I am not a lawyer. It is up to you to contact a lawyer or accountant if you feel you cannot prepare your own tax return accurately and according to the complex laws. Read more

Planners Which One & Why I Pick Erin Condren


Planners Which One & Why I Pick Erin Condren

Planners are one of the best ways to deal with life, but why? Planning is key to everything in life:

  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • School
  • Work


    This is my Erin Condren Planner personalized cover

  • Activities
  • Recipes
  • Vacations
  • Cleaning
  • Blogging
  • Presents
  • Scrapbooking
  • Interior Design
  • Shopping
  • Appointments
  • Bills/Budgets

Maybe you are the type who can succeed flying by the seat of your pants, but not me. I need to write everything down or I forget. The busier a person is, the more stuff they can handle. I can do a lot, but if I’m not organized, I actually just sit there and truly do nothing. Which is unheard of for a Type A person like me. Most busy people keep planners on them at all times. They just find what works for them.

“Okay, you said you picked the Erin Condren Planner. Why?” Patience my dear goddesses. Let’s chat over some coffee a bit first. Read more

Winterize Your Home, Inside and Out

WINTERIZE HOMEWinterize and Prepare for the Harshness!

Everyone has to winterize their house. Unless you live some place like Hawaii. Then you have another problem. To winterize can mean a little bit of work, or a whole weekend of stuff, with stuff still left over to do. It can be a daunting task.

As a DIY home goddess, you have a lot of stuff already on your plate, so let’s make it just a little bit of work for you. There are something things you need to hire out to do, but I won’t put the majority of them on the list, because it is a big enough list as it is. If you have a hubby, significant other, or older kids, get them to help you with this.

The Story


Two feet of snow is way too much, I tell you!

I am sure you have heard about the snow the east coast was hit with a few weeks ago. I was part of it. I spent the better part of three days shoveling out my sidewalk, my bushes, my vents, my car! We had about 24-27 inches of snow that accumulated in about 24 hours. I started shoveling right when the snow started. Fortunately I was just about done when everyone else decided to make their first foray into the blinding whiteness. It pays to start early!

I had done a few things, but not quite enough. My handyman had turned off my water. But I almost forgot I didn’t have a shovel. You see, my shovel had fallen apart last winter, and I had forgotten to replace it. So here I was, the day before the snow was to start, and I am running around town trying to find a shovel. Read more

Open a Stuck Bottle Cap


Open a Stuck Bottle Cap

What to do with a stuck bottle cap on the soda you are so thirsty for?

I figured I should post this, as it is happening more and more for me. Especially A&W Root Beer! Not that I have anything bad to say about the brand itself, but the packaging is starting to suck!

The last few times I’ve gotten a 6-pack of 20 ounce bottles of A&W Root Beer, my daughter and I have had problems opening them. The cap does not budge. We can’t even break the ring seal from the cap itself.

What Should Work, But Didn’t!

  • We tried using the rubber bottle thingys, whatever they are called
  • We tried hot water (which usually works on opening glass, but not plastic!)
  • We even used scissors to cut the cap ring loose from the rest of the cap, and the stupid thing still would not open.

But, we finally figured it out, without the help of a man, mind you. As any good DIY home goddess should try.

What Did Work!

We used pliers! No, seriously! Pliers! If you are a true diy goddess, you have a pair of these things, hopefully even knowing where they are in your house.

It actually gripped the stuck bottle cap enough that when we turned it, we heard the hissing sound of air escaping. Sounds silly, looks sillier, but it works! Go ahead and give it a try. Easy peasy.

No more stuck bottle caps for me, as long as I don’t lose the tool. You got the tool, and you have the talent in you.