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Open a Stuck Bottle Cap


Open a Stuck Bottle Cap

What to do with a stuck bottle cap on the soda you are so thirsty for?

I figured I should post this, as it is happening more and more for me. Especially A&W Root Beer! Not that I have anything bad to say about the brand itself, but the packaging is starting to suck!

The last few times I’ve gotten a 6-pack of 20 ounce bottles of A&W Root Beer, my daughter and I have had problems opening them. The cap does not budge. We can’t even break the ring seal from the cap itself.

What Should Work, But Didn’t!

  • We tried using the rubber bottle thingys, whatever they are called
  • We tried hot water (which usually works on opening glass, but not plastic!)
  • We even used scissors to cut the cap ring loose from the rest of the cap, and the stupid thing still would not open.

But, we finally figured it out, without the help of a man, mind you. As any good DIY home goddess should try.

What Did Work!

We used pliers! No, seriously! Pliers! If you are a true diy goddess, you have a pair of these things, hopefully even knowing where they are in your house.

It actually gripped the stuck bottle cap enough that when we turned it, we heard the hissing sound of air escaping. Sounds silly, looks sillier, but it works! Go ahead and give it a try. Easy peasy.

No more stuck bottle caps for me, as long as I don’t lose the tool. You got the tool, and you have the talent in you.

Cleaning Schedule


Cleaning Schedule

We all need cleaning tips for when we have to find the floor in our home.

I don’t mean that you don’t clean, but there are times when cleaning is so overwhelming and we might want to avoid it, or even have to go on strike just to make our point.
What are we supposed to do with our families? We cannot change them in any way; they have to be the ones to change themselves. So let’s make a quick and simple cleaning list, to cover the basics.

You do NOT need to be cleaning every day. If you did that, you would never have any goddess time! Once a week for a quick overhaul is good enough. Leave the deep cleaning for once a month, or once a season.

You can do all your cleaning in one day, or you can make different days for different chores. I am not organized or dedicated enough to do my cleaning on a daily basis, so I try to do it on Sundays, when the family is busy watching sports, or playing on their computer, or doing whatever.

The other question is do you do one chore at a time, throughout the whole house, or do you focus on one room at a time? My friend likes to focus on one room at a time. Personally, I cannot do that, cause then I never get anywhere! I like to do the same chore throughout the entire house at once. Then it feels like I am getting somewhere.

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Light bulbs


Light bulbs

What is the deal with millions of different light bulbs? Why do there have to be so many?

  • Wattage levels
  • Soft or white
  • Frosted or clear glass
  • Florescent or LED or traditional
  • Balls or candle looking, recessed or the twirling tubes

This is so crazy. Why can’t they have just one type? I look through my house, and have like eight different styles of light bulbs, without even going into the different wattages.

What can we do to minimize this situation? I understand some of these lightbulbs are used for energy efficiency. But it is crazy to have different bulbs for each socket in a place.

Organize Your Bulb Situation

Go through your entire house, and figure out what kinds of bulbs are in there right now.

  • All recessed lighting sockets should have the same one. Don’t use some with flat glass bulbs, some with the twirly pipe looking things, some with different wattages. Choose one style and stick with it!
  • All your bathroom lights should be the same style. Lighting bathroom should be the same, since you are using the lighting for the same purpose, looking in the mirror. Don’t use the same style but different size bulbs. Use the same one! Use either clear or frosted, not both.
  • For lights that are attached to the ceiling, see if you can use the ones that look like candles in all of them.
  • And check the size of the part that goes into the socket. If they are the same size, see if you have different lighting areas that can use the same lightbulbs.

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Smoke Detector


Smoke Detector

Yes, we all know a smoke detector (or more hopefully) is in the house. And we all know most of them run on batteries.

But when was the last time you changed the batteries in yours?

This home goddess was awakened at TWO IN THE MORNING, because the batteries had died in the smoke detector right outside the bedroom door.

I just hear this beeping every 30 seconds or so. I had no clue what it was. I had no clue where it was coming from. I was not awake in the slightest.

I went to the hall, and heard it again. I looked up, and saw a little flashing light on the smoke detector. I had no clue what that meant. Dang it! I stumbled my way down the stairs to get the step ladder out of the basement. Yes, every home goddess should have a step ladder.

I got on the ladder and twisted the detector. It immediately popped off. I took the thing back down stairs and tried to find batteries, hoping against hope that was the problem. I was surprised I was awake enough to even remember where the spare batteries were.

I had to use a flashlight in the battery compartment to determine which way to place the things. I put the new batteries in took it back upstairs. I twisted it back on, and the thing beeped again! I removed it a second time and realized I had put the batteries in the wrong way. So even the flashlight didn’t help me there. I need brain cells that I don’t have in the middle of the night.

I replaced the batteries, replaced the smoke detector, and the beeping stopped. Yeah!

It was a trial to get back to sleep, because I was afraid I had done something wrong. But I survived.

The next day I found out I need to replace the batteries every spring forward day. I had no clue! I won’t make that same mistake again.