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Traffic Flow in Your Room


Traffic Flow in Your Room

My Story

I have no traffic flow to my rooms. Any diyhomegoddess who doesn’t have flow, needs to change it up now. I have this habit of putting all my furniture against the wall. Why? Because I’m a klutz, and don’t want to be tripping over everything. Plus my family likes to leave things lying around anywhere. The coffee table will block the view of that book on the floor.

But if you think about it, the best setup for a formal party is to have food in sprinkled places with access on both sides, drinks in another area, tables in the middle, with plenty of walking space all around.

What To Do

According to several websites, you should have a traffic flow to your rooms. The best one I found is a website about apartments. Yes, it’s called Apartment Therapy. It’s a good website. I promise. You can link to it here.

Here is a Few Quick Tips

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quick decorating ideasQuick Decorating Ideas

My Story

Sometimes I need a quick decorating idea. Why? Because we all get bored with our house occasionally. I get tired of looking at the same old rooms all the time. But how does a diyhomegoddess afford a full house makeover? 

She doesn’t! She changes it up with what she has, or hits a yard sale/flea market! Or even Walmart! Quick decorating ideas are all over the internet. And in your mind.

Quick Decorating Ideas for Rooms

The easiest thing to do is to rearrange your furniture. No cost involved, only time! But what if a diyhomegoddess doesn’t have that option? What if there’s no reasonable way to rearrange?What else can she do?

Living Room

  • Buy an ottoman or two for more storage, complimenting your color scheme. Bonus!
  • Move the furniture away from the walls. It creates a more intimate setting!
  • Toss a colorful blanket over the sofa for a pop of color, and warmth on cold nights!
  • Do you have a tiny nook? Put a card table and chairs, with your game collection, ready for family night!


quick decorating ideas

an antique I will never use, a cookie/butter mold on the wall

  • Go to a flea market or yard sale and get some new chairs for your breakfast table. You can find some really cheap with just a bit of clean up!
  • Display a few of your most used cookbooks on an island, table, or a small shelf. That way you aren’t always dragging them out!
  • Do you have an antique spoon? Or something passed down but you don’t use? Hang it on the wall!
  • Have different kitchen towels to add a pop of unexpected color by your sink or stove!

Dining Room

  • Love your curtains, but want to replace the scheme? Use the old ones to reupholster your dining room or kitchen chairs!
  • Buy a cheap butler table, and put your coffee pot and all the accessories in the dining room. Instant after dinner coffee!
  • Buy a mirror. It will make the room look more spacious!


  • Have two or more sets of bedding, if you have storage. You can have different schemes for the seasons, using different thicknesses of blankets. Awesome idea Jonathan Scott!
  • Who says all your family pictures have to be in a hallway or living room?
  • Add a cheap chair, to throw your pillows on at night. And reading space when you aren’t in bed!

quick decorating ideas

These are pictures taken from an old calendar


  • Use washi tape to cover plastic picture frames. Instant pop of color. You can find washi in all colors and designs!
  • Do you have a swatch of material or wallpaper where you love the design? Frame it and put it on the wall. Who says it has to be a real picture for the wall!
  • Do you have commemorative plates? Hang them on the wall to save shelf space for books!
  • Use frames that have glass on both sides, so the wall color comes through!

Other Areas

  • Put down a rug runner on your hardwood floors. Right by the front or back door and you will leave the outside dirt on the rug instead of your hardwood!
  • Add a bold knick-knack or two to your bookshelves. Makes the look less cluttered!
  • Put out a basket for your pictures, instead of keeping them in bulky photo albums. People will be drawn to them!
  • Do your sliding doors always hop off the track? Take them down and put up heavy curtains instead!
  • Stack some books horizontally instead of vertically. Instant bookend if you put them next to vertically placed books!

Places For Inspiration for Quick Decorating Ideas


Paint Color – Is My Personality is My Home’s Color Scheme?

Paint color

Paint Color Personality

My Story

So, a few years ago, this diy home goddess bought her very first house, and the paint color scheme totally sucked. I mean royally sucked. At least from my personality’s perspective. To give you an idea, here’s the paint colors the prior owner had:

  • Living room – olive green with white trim on chair rail
  • Dining room – tannish beige  with white trim on chair rail
  • Kitchen – tannish beige
  • Master bedroom – tannish beige
  • Kid’s bedroom #1 –  bright baby blue (full gloss)
  • Kids bedroom #2 – bright baby pink and deep rose pink (full gloss)
  • Basement – white

That was totally not me, and totally gross IMHO. I mean the beige wasn’t too bad if you like bland, but olive green? White trim?

I had to change it right away.

So, off I went to my fav store, The Home Depot, and looked at all the colors available. I wanted something different, something unique, but something that said me. After probably several hours and trips, here’s what I ended up picking: Read more

Tile Mural for Kitchen Styling


Tile Mural for Kitchen Styling

The Story

There is this wonderful internet shop called the Tile Mural Store. They have ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles to personalize your kitchen (or bath, or bar area), so that it looks like no one else’s. And I saw a lot of picture in the company’s gallery. You can believe me, there are no two rooms alike in there.

Note: I need to send my pictures to the company to add to the gallery.

When I was redoing my kitchen last year, I decided I wanted to redo the back splash. Someone recommended the plastic tin looking tiles for me when I bought the house because they were easy to clean. They didn’t have any grout that would get messed up. They were a silver tone, so they went with everything. You didn’t need to use any thin-set, because they were attached by using double sided tape.

Heck, I didn’t know any better, so that is what I bought. What were they called? Fasade-18-in-x-24-in-Traditional-4-PVC-Decorative-Backsplash-Panel. They were cheap. The EX put them up in a little over an hour, with some patchwork cutting (which I realized later was a sucky job). But I went with it. As I said before, I was going through a mid life crisis when I bought my first house, so I did what people suggested.

Tile Mural

This is what was originally put up, when I didn’t know any better

Yeah, they were definitely easy to clean, and they didn’t clash with anything in the kitchen. They kind of matched since the appliances I purchased were all the stainless steel look anyway. Read more

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