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Paint Color – Is My Personality is My Home’s Color Scheme?

Paint color

Paint Color Personality

My Story

So, a few years ago, this diy home goddess bought her very first house, and the paint color scheme totally sucked. I mean royally sucked. At least from my personality’s perspective. To give you an idea, here’s the paint colors the prior owner had:

  • Living room – olive green with white trim on chair rail
  • Dining room – tannish beige  with white trim on chair rail
  • Kitchen – tannish beige
  • Master bedroom – tannish beige
  • Kid’s bedroom #1 –  bright baby blue (full gloss)
  • Kids bedroom #2 – bright baby pink and deep rose pink (full gloss)
  • Basement – white

That was totally not me, and totally gross IMHO. I mean the beige wasn’t too bad if you like bland, but olive green? White trim?

I had to change it right away.

So, off I went to my fav store, The Home Depot, and looked at all the colors available. I wanted something different, something unique, but something that said me. After probably several hours and trips, here’s what I ended up picking: Read more

Tile Mural for Kitchen Styling


Tile Mural for Kitchen Styling

The Story

There is this wonderful internet shop called the Tile Mural Store. They have ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles to personalize your kitchen (or bath, or bar area), so that it looks like no one else’s. And I saw a lot of picture in the company’s gallery. You can believe me, there are no two rooms alike in there.

Note: I need to send my pictures to the company to add to the gallery.

When I was redoing my kitchen last year, I decided I wanted to redo the back splash. Someone recommended the plastic tin looking tiles for me when I bought the house because they were easy to clean. They didn’t have any grout that would get messed up. They were a silver tone, so they went with everything. You didn’t need to use any thin-set, because they were attached by using double sided tape.

Heck, I didn’t know any better, so that is what I bought. What were they called? Fasade-18-in-x-24-in-Traditional-4-PVC-Decorative-Backsplash-Panel. They were cheap. The EX put them up in a little over an hour, with some patchwork cutting (which I realized later was a sucky job). But I went with it. As I said before, I was going through a mid life crisis when I bought my first house, so I did what people suggested.

Tile Mural

This is what was originally put up, when I didn’t know any better

Yeah, they were definitely easy to clean, and they didn’t clash with anything in the kitchen. They kind of matched since the appliances I purchased were all the stainless steel look anyway. Read more

A Crazy Year to DIY the Kitchen – Cabinet Shelves


DIY the Kitchen – Cabinet Shelves

Cabinet shelves. They blend into the background of your cabinets, because you have all kinds of dishes and food on top of them. Do you want them to be invisible?

cabinet shelves

old look inside

Not me! I wanted the cabinet shelves to a focal point when you open the door. I wanted people to say “That is so cool!”

How do you do that?

This is the ONLY place where contact paper is appropriate. People use it to cover furniture all the time. Okay maybe if it is a cheap piece of furniture, but seriously!

Contact paper now comes in all kinds of colors and patterns. Rumor has it wallpaper is dying, and when people are in a home improvement store, they are being directed to contact paper for most of their projects. I guess you have to go to a design studio or the internet if you want wall paper.

It takes very little time to add a pop of color to your shelves. I wanted something to match the cabinet hardware, and the closest I found was fire engine red. Not quite a cherry or candy apple red, but it was still really red, and went well with inside white paint of the cabinets.

It is very easy to attach. Hopefully you have removable, adjustable shelves, which is what I have. If you have stuck cabinet shelves, it will take a ladder and a lot more patience and time than I have.

Read more

A Crazy Year to DIY the Kitchen – Kitchen Cabinets


DIY The Kitchen – Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Update

This is what my kitchen looked like right after I moved in, bought new appliances, and painted some walls.

This post talks about the kitchen cabinet outsides. My cabinets were in great shape, even though the cabinets were original to the 1974 house. The only weird thing was they put thin plywood on the inside (top, bottom, sides and back). And not very well.

I actually had done the kitchen cabinets a couple of years ago myself. I had used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit ($75). I lightened my cabinets from a darker oak to a vintage color. It took 5 days to do, completing the project only at night after work.

Go here for the post where I used the Transformations kit.

kitchen cabinet

After the first transformation with Rustoleum

t was a great idea at the time, but I decided I really didn’t like it after a while. No clue why, other than it was not inspiring. And my kitchen needs to be inspiring in order for me to cook something other than Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (my daughter’s favorite food).  Does that make sense?

Giving it a Second Go Around

So I decided to change the kitchen cabinets. Again. I was starting to fall in love with mid-century designs. I think I was born about 20 years too late. The 50’s are when almost every woman knew how to cook! Read more