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Easy Home Repairs – Without the Huge Expense

Easy Home RepairsEasy Home Repairs – Without the Huge Expense

My Story

I was forty-five, and I decided it was time to grow up and put down some roots, for the first time in my life. I grew up a military brat, was a veteran, married a veteran, and as a civilian had trouble keeping a job in one place. 

Amazingly, I finally found a civilian job where I fit in. I’d been there for eight years. I’d never been in one place eight years. I lived in an expensive area and decided to see if I qualified for a house, since I’d planned on retiring at a job I actually loved. What a shock, right? A job this diyhomegoddess loved! 

So I started looking for a house. For the first time in my life, I was going to own. I spent only a few weeks, but looked at probably about 40 houses. I got a townhouse! Unfortunately it was a foreclosure, and had a lot of work to do. There were only three former owners over its 35-year life, but sadly, they were diy-ers that had no clue what they were doing or did things on the cheap. Like putting flooring on top of the old. Like painting wrought-iron latex white! Or, my personal fav, covering the laundry room ceiling with vinyl siding!

 Easy Home Repair Skills

So I had to learn skills for easy home repairs fast! It’s been going on nine years. And I’m still fixing things. Yes, I still need to strip the wrought-iron. Or I will replace it with wood railing. I haven’t decided which would be better. But I’m doing it slowly. And what I can’t do, I am hiring professionals to do.

There are many things a diyhomegoddess can do on her own, to save a few bucks. Here are some easy home repairs you can do yourself. Read more

Heating and Cooling System Repair

HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMQuick Heating and Cooling System Repair

My Story

I am always worried about my heating and cooling system. It goes into a funk every year. I’ve had the coils freeze solid in the middle of the summer. We had no air conditioning for a week. And of course, over Thanksgiving that same year we had no heat because the air repairman had put one of the parts in backwards. That took several days to fix because of bad weather and the holiday. Fortunately, I have a home repair plan, so someone comes out and looks at it whenever there is a problem. But it is getting ridiculous!

What Is a Diyhomegoddess To Do?

heating and cooling system

The dirty tube

The heating and cooling system is one of the most expensive things in a house. We are talking thousands and thousands of dollars. And they don’t last forever, so it will have to be replaced occasionally.

Did you know there is a simple task any diyhomegoddess can perform to keep it functioning a little longer? It can keep it running more efficiently? Clean the EZ Trap tube.

heating and cooling system

This is what my EZ Trap looks like

When I was getting my inspection this year, the repairman was nice enough to show me something I can do all by myself. Clean a plastic tube! All the equipment is attached. The only thing you need is some water and possibly some bleach if it’s really gunky. Read more

Cara Brookins’ Memoir – Rise (How A House Built A Family)

cara brookinsRise – A Memoir by Cara Brookins

My Story

I was at a writing conference last year. I had the opportunity to listen to Cara Brookins discuss her memoir, ‘Rise (How a House Built a Family)’. She was a very inspiring woman who I had to listen to, because of what she did. I could relate to her in so many ways.

Before we start, I apologize if I got any of the story wrong. It was so inspiring, I may have mixed up a few details. These are my errors!

Cara Brookins’ Story

Cara Brookins was a woman with four children. Count them, four! She admitted to picking the wrong type of men. Abusive men. She finally hit a brick wall and chose to change her life, for her and her kids. She chose to leave and try to start over. I know, many people don’t understand about accepting the abuse. If you haven’t been through it, you may not. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me, this diyhomegoddess had the same history, so I got it). And yes, I have also chosen to escape. I am must stronger now.

Cara Brookins is a freelance writer, an author, and a computer geek. 

What did she do, my diyhomegoddesses? On a trip with her kids, she found an old destroyed house, and it spoke to her. She built a house!  Read more

David Lebovitz – L’Appart Book Review

DAVID LEBOVITZL’Appart, by David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is an amazing pastry chef who not only writes cookbooks, but shares his life in Paris. If you want the real scoop, get one or more of his books.

My Story

I love the idea of France. I hear people complaining (dear old dad included) complain about the attitude of the French. A lot of Americans say the French are livid about us not using their language when in France. I totally get the French’s point though. Americans want people to speak English when they are in America, but we want to use English in their country with no complaints. What’s up with that?

I seem to feel a kindred spirit with them. They love Jerry Lewis (at least they used to), and when I was younger, he was the one comedian I always watched. 😆 There is this elegance about them that I never could understand. Pais is beautiful. And there all kinds of food markets and stores that specialize and are experts in one item. I would love to find that in my area. Maybe I belong in France. Who knows?

And every diy home goddess knows about my love of cooking. I found a blog by accident that gave me the best of both cooking and France. David Lebovitz wrote that blog. He lives in France and cooks all kinds of food, but specializes in desserts, which most chefs don’t like to make. The blog and Chef David speak to me.

Read more

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