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Food Temperature – What is This All About?

Food Temperature

Food Temperatures – What is This All About?

The Story

Do you watch Hell’s Kitchen? I do, religiously. He’s always saying “It’s f*@$ing raw!” He yells at the chef contestants for attempting to serve undercooked chicken to pregnant women. He smashes fish fillets that are raw. “Touch it, it’s ice cold.” “I’m sorry, chef, it’s just a little underdone.” “Bloody hell, it’s ice cold!” It’s all about the food temperature!

It’s not for dramatic purposes. Okay, some of it is. And it does make for dramatic and entertaining television.

But, he also says this because we need to have a minimum food temperature (for any kind of protein) so it is safe for us to eat and not get sick. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to go to the hospital because of something I ate. Especially if I was the one who cooked it!

He also makes the chef contestants touch the steaks, and asks them what temperature it is. “I asked for it medium, not bloody overcooked!” he screams, as everyone in the restaurant looks on. That is because a chef learns how to know the temperature of the steak by the firmness of the meat when it is cooked (or not cooked). If it’s soft, it’s rare, but when it’s hard, it’s well done. This is sometimes done because chefs know what temperature is best for a steak, but it is also up to the customer. If they want it cremated, the chef should cook it until it is burned beyond recognition.

So learning about food temperatures is very important for cooking, for enjoyment, and for health. Read more

Conversion Chart


Do you have a conversion chart handy for emergencies? Me either, until now!

When I was making nectarine cobbler this weekend during Snowzilla, I realized I didn’t have enough. Of course! With 24 inches of snow, and most stores still closed, I couldn’t go and get more. And the nectarines were too ripe to wait a few more days. So I had to adjust. I had to half the recipe. Cutting one cup of flour in half was a piece of cake. But I had no clue how to cut in half 1/3 cup of brown sugar. So I had to go on a hunt for the answer.

With so many things to remember in the kitchen, so many little tidbits and nuances, sometimes even I get overwhelmed.

  • How many tablespoons are in a cup?
  • What temperature is medium for a steak?
  • I don’t have cornstarch, what should I do?
  • What spices go good with chicken?
  • And heaven forbid, do you know how long to cook asparagus in the microwave?

I mean, who really has time to look that kind of stuff up on the computer? You Google the question “What dishes should have saffron?”, and you get 13,000,000 hits! On the first page, there are six links for recipes from cooking websites and four websites that explain what saffron is. Fifth one on the list tells me what classic dishes use saffron, which is what I would have been looking for. Read more

Cutting Boards – Which Type?


The Cutting Board – Which Type is Best?

Cutting boards are one of the biggest controversies, next to what brand of knife is best. When it comes to knives, there is no pat answer, because it depends on individual needs and desires. The cutting board is not so convoluted; but there are still some choices that are individual here as well. And there are some standards that should be followed.

There are all kinds of cutting boards out there. There are all kinds of questions that need to be asked and answered. Especially if you are purchasing your very first board.

  • Wood, glass, plastic, bamboo, and a made up word epicurean (the company name)?
  • Stiff or flexible?
  • Thin or thick?
  • Cheap or expensive?
  • Stain resistant?
  • Odor resistant?
  • Knife friendly?
  • What is the maintenance level?
  • Do I need handles?
  • Do I need a “liquid catcher” for raw meat juices?

Each has its own pros and cons. Each person has their own idea about what one is best, but there are some standards that most cooks/chefs follow when it comes to choosing a cutting board, or multiple cutting boards. Read more

Gourmet Grocery Shopping


The Gourmet Grocery Shopping Experience

I always shop at the chain grocery store. They have most of what you want when you want it. They always have sales. They are open late, and if you are lucky, they are open 24/7.

But, if you are a cooking maniac, or just an eating foodie, you need to find the gourmet store to visit occasionally. Or if that is not an option in your city, find the area in town were the independent food wonders are. What’s that? The butcher. The baker. The candlestick maker. Just kidding! The cheese maker. The candy store. The local winery.

I went to the gourmet shop in my area for the first time on the Fourth of July. Boy was that a mistake! It was crazy busy. But I dealt with it. I thought the store was just another super store like Wal-Mart or Target. Was I ever so wrong about that!

The Bakery

Not only did they have cake donuts in the bakery, they have fruit tarts. Cheesecake. Tirimasu. Petit Fours. Fancy cookies. A cake decorating area for special occasions. Breads. French Bread. Baguettes. Rolls. Whatever you were looking for, they had it. It covered half the length of the store from front to back, and big enough for two aisles.

Read more