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Chicken and Waffles – Pennsylvania Dutch

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles is not all about fried chicken! Not at all! Pennsylvania created the first version! 

My Story

My heritage is pretty boring. The family comes from a long line of people in rural Pennsylvania. Like real rural. Our town has had the same number of people in it for over 150 years. Granted it’s pretty big for a rural area (under 10,000 people), but very few people leave. People die, and their descendants move in. My aunt lived in the same house she was born in until she had to go to a nursing home. My family has lived in that town for going on 300 years. We have one grocery store, who’s headquarters happens to be in town. One hotel. The most popular restaurant is a hot dog palace, with five stools. We have history, but we are definitely small town America.

The biggest thing that we have going for it (outside of having the a first by Thomas Edison) is our Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. No, this does not mean we are Dutch, no matter what anyone tells you. We are German, through and through. And we are very proud of our Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and its cooking.

The History of Chicken and Waffles

Pennsylvania has lots of ‘war’ over the invention of foods. Whoopee Pies with Massachusetts is one. Our biggest one is Chicken and Waffles. There are two types, for those of you ‘not in the know’.  Read more



My Story

Picture it, January 4, 2018. The East Coast had extremely high winds. The high was only 26 degrees, without the wind chill factor. And there was snow swirling around in the wind. I found out it was Spaghetti Carbonara Day from Foodimentary So I decided to make Spaghetti.

Now, my roommate’s favorite spaghetti is my homemade sauce (see it here and here. Alas I didn’t have any canned tomato products in the house. And that nixed the Bolognese sauce as well. With the bad weather that day, I was not about to travel to the grocery store. No way. Nope. Not gonna do it.

But I was determined. So I looked up other spaghetti noodle recipes.

Sphagetti Carbonara

Hooray! Spaghetti Carbonara didn’t need any tomato products! It’s a wonderful silky eggy Italian spaghetti dish that made me think of breakfast spaghetti. But I ran into another problem. I didn’t have any Parmesan cheese! And no pancetta (that’s Italian ham for those not in the know). What was this diyhomegoddess to do?

Don’t Be Afraid To Revamp

So, here I am, determined to make spaghetti to honor the day. I checked out what I had. I happened to have a half pound of bacon in my freezer. And I had cheddar cheese with Read more

Recipe for Poached Pears

POACHED PEARSRecipe for Poached Pears

Desserts are the best, aren’t they? Recipes for desserts are overly abundant because of the variety you can find in a dessert. Chocolatey or fruity, velvety or crunchy, decadent or light, sweet or tart. The possibilities are endless. And complicated. And overwhelming. How about some simple poached pears?

My Story

poached pearsI recently got some Korean Pears for Christmas. These things are huge! And extremely meaty. I didn’t know what I was gong to do with them. I stared and stared at them. They weren’t speaking to me in their natural state. They were being very quiet and illusive.

I started thinking about a tart I made once in a cooking class with poached pears. But a whole tart for just me? That was way too much. I started researching the recipe for poached pears and what can be done with just that simple fruit. It’s amazing how many different recipes there are, but I went with the one I’d tried before.

Desserts Everywhere!

I have always loved desserts. That was the first thing I taught myself how to cook. (FYI, simple desserts are a great way to start learning). If you saw me, you’d be able to tell right away I love sweets. Chocolate is my big weakness. But sometimes I want something a little different. Read more




Not just mashed potatoes, but garlic mashed potatoes! What is better than that? I can’t think of too many dishes that are better than a correctly made garlic mash. I grew up on mashed potatoes, but once I tried it with garlic in it, I knew I was in love.

My Story

I have tried to make mashed potatoes correctly ever since I started learning how to cook. It didn’t matter what recipe I tried, they just didn’t turn out tasting as good as those in a great steakhouse.

  • I tried different seasonings.
  • I tried different levels of milk fat.
  • I tried butter versus margarine.
  • I tried different kinds of potatoes.
  • I tried peeling versus not peeling, whole versus chunked versus diced.
  • How to do the garlic, mashed, chopped, diced, cooked, not cooked, boiled or raw.
  • I tried a hand mixer versus the more powerful kitchenaid mixer. I had a masher, but never used it for that, because I thought it was not necessary.

Read more

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