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PitchWars 2017 #PimpMyBio

PitchWars – The Serious Side of Me

It’s PitchWars! Let me tell you a tiny story first. My real name is Tammy. Because of my job, I blog anonymously. My blog name is Hestia Athena. It’s safer. Just go with it.

I love learning. At 6, we moved again. I threw a tantrum. They packed my encyclopedia. The mover marked my page and put it in the last box on the van. When we got to our new home, it was unloaded first. He handed me the book and I went to a corner to read.

When I got in trouble, my punishment was to put my books away and go play outside. I did extra credit in school, not for the grades, but to learn and write.

I have a BS in Accounting (in 3 years), an MBA, and am a Certified Forensic Accountant. Online writing classes? Check. I’m a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and I’ve been involved with NaNoWriMo for a decade.

I’m not just a boring nerd…


7 Reasons Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

  1. I’m a single mom.
  2. I do my own home repairs.
  3. I read every type of mystery there is.
  4. Classically trained pianist (quit my Philharmonic path with an accident at 15).
  5. I refurbish antiques and vintage items.
  6. I cook from scratch in a tiny kitchen.
  7. Turned my living room into a library with shelves I designed and built myself.

7 Reasons to Pick Me!

PitchWarsWhy should you pick me to mentor, you may be asking. I asked myself that same question as I thought about doing #PitchWars. So I created a list to convince myself I could try this contest. I thought I’d share it with you.

  1. I know I have a lot to learn. I beg for a little patience. It might take me 2 or 3 tries, but I will get it.
  2. I want whatever morsels you are willing to feed me. Give me a push, and I head off for research and work.
  3. Don’t be vague. Don’t sugar-coat. The best boss I had told me straight what I was doing wrong. I’d sulk for a while, but I’d admit he was right and move on.
  4. If you want me to kill someone off, or nix a scene, I might fight you. But if you state your position, I will listen.
  5. I want someone to help with the comedy. I am funny, I swear. But it’s harder to write funny than to say it.
  6. I strive on stress and deadlines. Give it to me!
  7. I’m really friendly. Not stalker friendly, but I take chocolate chip cookies to my local Starbucks Christmas morning friendly.

What I Write


I write cozy mysteries. I have always loved them. They can be easy or complex. Think Agatha Christie, but imagine how much fun the old bird would have had in Las Vegas.

Ashley Compton is all the latest buzz with her new radio show on relationship advice. But when the advice she gives connects her name to the caller’s death, Ashley is determined to save her new job and track down a killer. Talking to the wrong people at the wrong time about the wrong things forces her into the seedy side of Las Vegas, where she is surrounded by adultery, gambling problems and the mob.

7 Reasons I Wrote Call in for Murder

  1. People always give me advice. So I made that my main character’s job.
  2. I’m fascinated with Las Vegas and everything it can represent.
  3. Not big on sex scenes and cozies don’t have much.
  4. I’m not into graphic violence, and neither are cozies.
  5. Love humor! This kind of mystery gets away with it.
  6. I’m trying Pulp Fiction (the teach said I have talent), but my heart’s in the cozy.
  7. Like with everything in my life, I dared myself to write well enough to publish.

There You Have It

I wish all the hopeful mentees good luck. Those who do get picked, take advantage of every tidbit you get from the mentors. They are truly a blessing to do this.

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If you want more info on PitchWars, check here.

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