Chef Goddess

Chef Goddess

This is an ultimate cooking school for those who can’t afford the real deal!

Chef Goddess


Why are we not the chef goddess? Why don’t we cook anymore? Cooking at home seems to be becoming a lost art in the kitchen.  With a McDonalds and a pizza place on every corner, it is too convenient to pick dinner up on the way home from work. We’ve even gone away from doing frozen dinners (which I have no problem not having in the house).

That is a real shame. Cooking can actually be very relaxing, and it is a good thing to do as a couple, a family, or for mother and daughter time. I don’t know if fast foods cause any weight problems that regular food doesn’t cause, but home cooked meals taste a heck of a lot better! And home cooking can taste just as good as a fancy restaurant without paying for the fancy garnishes, the sometimes average service, and the restaurant name.

But cooking does not have to take a lot of time if you plan for it. You just need to learn how, via recipes, make a grocery list, and do it! Cooking at home can be one step away from being a chef. At least a home chef, which is all most of us need to be. I have been cooking for years, with my bag of fall back recipes. But it gets boring having the same foods week after week.

Just to let you know, I do not do a traditional holiday meal. I am very eclectic in what I serve. I love doing lots of appetizers for a full meal.

Quick Cheat


What if you don’t have time to become a chef goddess? You can fake it, as long as you can keep a secret. One option is finding companies in your area where you can pick up food already cut up, measured, and ready to cook. You just throw it in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to make it. Some companies have individual servings that can just be thrown in the microwave, others you actually use the stove. They give you instructions that you just follow to cook the food. You can make these and no one will know you didn’t make these from scratch. Or find some box mixes that taste good, and doctor them up. I use these occasionally, so I won’t tell anyone!

I am Still Learning


I have decided to send myself through culinary school to learn more. At least kind of a culinary school. I will be putting myself through Bravo’s Top Chef University DVD program. I will be reviewing the lessons here with my takes on what I learned.  You can purchase the DVDs on I will post certain recipes that are demonstrated on the DVDs when I figure how to do that legally.

My Repertoire 


But as a chef goddess, I have my own recipes that are favorites. I will be posting what I have created or tweaked over the years as well. Check out the Recipe section. They may not be very formal, but I have never had any complaints. In fact, I have had many compliments, even going after thirds on my homemade spaghetti sauce.

You too, can be a chef goddess, if you give it half a chance!

Who Am I?

I am a goddess, who is determined to do everything. I want to teach women how to do things for themselves. You can depend on you, and there is great pride in doing things yourself. Let me teach you how to DIY vanilla houses into homes with hearts.

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