Cleo Coyle CoffeeHouse Mystery Series


The CoffeeHouse Mystery Series – by Cleo Coyle

This mystery series has been around for ten years, congratulations!

The series is about a coffee house in New York City (Greenwich Village to be exact) that has been around for decades and is considered a landmark according to the storyline. Clare Cosi is a manager of the storefront along with her ex-husband (Matteo Allegro); and the owner is her former mother-in-law (Madame Dreyfus Allegro Dubois). They all actually get along fairly well, which is kind of surprising considering the “ex” of it all and the past history that is thrown in here and there.

Clare seems to keep finding herself in the middle of a murder scene, whether it is at or around her place, one of her friends or employees is a suspect, or she just happens to be at the wrong place at the right time. The leading detective (Mike Quinn) is a straight arrow, but tends to bend toward Clare’s unusual take on things. That is the one questionable thing with all cozies when a cop is involved. Do they really listen to the common man’s viewpoints? I don’t know.

The series is very well written, thought out, and quite clever on the who-dun-it part. Sometimes I am able to guess who the murderer is, but I have yet to figure out the exact why before it is revealed. The characters are well developed, and if one gets into the book, it almost feels like the city is surrounding you. Kudos to Cleo Coyle for that.


The interesting thing about this series (in my opinion) is not the recipes that are included, as well as the ones on the author’s website (which are very good and simple to make for the most part). But these are great recipes. The kicker for me is the coffee experience that is doled out. In each book, one can learn a little bit about the roasting process, where the various beans are grown, and other tidbits about coffee that make for a great conversation starter at any party.

This is one of my favorite series.

The Coffeehouse Mystery Series

  1. On What Grounds – 2003
  2. Through the Grinder – 2004
  3. Latte Trouble – 2005
  4. Murder Most Frothy – 2006
  5. Decaffeinated Corpse – 2007
  6. French Pressed – 2008
  7. Espresso Shot – 2008
  8. Holiday Grind  – 2009
  9. Roast Mortem – 2010
  10. Murder by Mocha  – 2011
  11. A Brew to a Kill  – 2012
  12. Holiday Buzz – 2012
  13. Billionaire Blend – 2013
  14. Once Upon a Grind – 2014
  15. Dead to the Last Drop – 2015
  16. Dead Cold Brew – 2017
  17. Shot in the Dark – 2018

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