Cozy Mystery Reviews

Cozy Mystery Reviews

A cozy mystery is a good tool for a goddess to have under her belt.
A goddess is interesting at parties because knowledge is key to being a goddess. And at parties, it is all about socializing and talking. Sure, you can go to school for the rest of your life to learn. But who has that kind of time and money?
You can learn a lot by reading. I have learned a lot by reading mysteries: not only about the law, deductions, and methods of ill fate, but also entertaining, decorating, cooking, some minor home repairs, antiques, flower arranging (which I am allergic to), miscellaneous jobs, etc, etc.
How do you learn all that by reading mysteries, you might ask? Read cozy mysteries! What the heck is that, you might be asking yourself? Do you remember the Queen of the Mysteries? Agatha Christie? She wrote mysteries in a contained setting, with all the characters knowing each other, with very little gratuitous sex and violence in them. The best ones are stories where the mystery is the plot, but does not overshadow the characters. The point of a cozy mystery is to get to know the people and the relationships in the story, just not read about some random murder. Cozies make for a great series, because the characters grow and change as you do, reading them over the years.
And no, before you ask. Cozy mysteries are not just for women who like to read fluff. They can be mild, they can be intense. They have fully developed characters and settings. The cozy mystery writer does just as much research as other types of mystery writers. Things are not just made up. You can tell by the acknowledgement page that the cozy mystery author talks to lots of people, in order to make much of the story as real as possible.
There is some hard stuff in those stories. Just because a murder is not given in full detail, does not mean it is mild. I just read a ‘cozy’ where the murdered victim had been in the ground for six months, and the description of the smell when the body was discovered was pretty gross. And they are just as hard to find the killer before the book tells you as some of the more hard core stories.
Nowadays, the cozy mystery has in itself a ‘main character’, called a job. Many authors talk about some details of the job in their stories. Some even have pages at the end where things are discussed in detail. I am here to “clue” you into various series that talk about skill sets you might be able to learn.

Or at least impress your friends with the knowledge.

Who Am I?

I am a goddess, who is determined to do everything. I want to teach women how to do things for themselves. You can depend on you, and there is great pride in doing things yourself. Let me teach you how to DIY vanilla houses into homes with hearts.

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