Crepe Murder – A Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery by Sandi Scott

Sandi ScottCrepe Murder – A Seagrass Sweets Cozy Mystery by Sandi Scott

Even though this is a prequel to the series, it is perfectly great. If you read some of the others first, this will answer some questions for you. I feel Sandi Scott did an excellent job with this prequel.

Let’s Get On With The Review

The descriptions of Paris and its neighborhoods are much better than in the series. It made me feel like I was there. Her handling of the cooking school was spot on based on what I know of them and the Parisian attitude was perfection. Sandi Scott is coming into stride with descriptions.
The character descriptions were a little lacking, as I didn’t have too much to visualize there. Maybe I missed them, maybe I didn’t pay attention, who knows. A couple of the characters I could visualize, but not all of them. The delivery driver was a perfect example of my getting him. And when she did it, she did it very well.
As for the characters, Patty seemed a bit split persona. Probably because of her NY attitude. The chef was a scream with his temper, as were all the neighboring store owners. You got right away how nasty Serge was. I hated him from page one, and understood why she dumped him, no questions asked. And I kind of got to know Ryan, even though he wasn’t actually in the story, just in backstory parts.
The dialogue was snappy. There was good tension in them when needed. And the internal thoughts really helped flush out Ashley’s attitude in the other books. Now it makes 100% sense. I liked the way her computer skills related to detective skills, and it should be mentioned in future books.
There were plenty of red herrings and authentic clues to keep you changing your mind about who did the dastardly dead, just like a cozy should. The final outcome seemed a tiny bit choppy, but it definitely made sense.

Final Verdict

Now that I understand Ashley, it encourages me to go back and reread the series, because I will get more knowledge because of the backstory.
If you haven’t read any of the Seagrass series yet, start with the prequel! Nice job.

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