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Do you need more information than what I am providing? Here are some other resources that may give you the right answer, a different solution, or the solution to a problem I haven’t written about yet.


Apartment Therapy

Sections include decor style, specific rooms, and projects from decorating to woodworking to painting and organizing. My favorite is the “before and after” section, and the “small spaces” section. It’s a very good resource for ideas on decorating. One thing that makes this blog fantastic is the number of people working on the blog, so it isn’t just one person’s take on everything.


This is one of the most well known blogs on the market today. She is a part time lawyer, mom and handywoman. Her idea is to turn boring things into fabulous treasures. She is all about interior design and home improvement. I absolutely love that idea! Her instructions come with plenty of detailed photos to follow along.

Pretty Handy Girl

This is a good blog to talk about doing handiwork around the house. Yes, it is written by a woman, and she does a good job of explaining “manly” things. She started by fixing her own house when she had to fire a contractor. She has really good picture visuals to go with her instructions. Great visual resources.

All Things Thrifty

This is a good blog for finding things that are affordable to do. A lot of repairs and makeovers and even recipes can be really expensive. And they are not in everyone’s budget. But Brooke gives us inspiration to do things within any budget! Plenty of instructions and photos.

The Kitchn

This is Apartment Therapy’s sister site, specifically geared toward the kitchen. Not only do they deal with recipes, they have reviews, tutorials, decorating the kitchen and entertaining. Readers can ask questions, and not only do they answer, they ask for other reader opinions. Anything you want to know about the kitchen is on here, or is about to be on here.


The Family Handyman

Do you want to know how to make something? Or how to fix the drip in your sink? Look no further than the Family Handyman. This resource covers the entire house, inside and out, in a professional manner, even though a lot of these contributors are diy people! They give very good instructions, nothing that is impossible to understand. They do show different skill levels, so make sure you make sure your skill level matches that particular issue. But fear not, it is a wealth of diy information for every level.

DIY Network

This is probably my favorite resource. Television, magazine and internet choices. They give advice, how-tos, ideas, lists, comparisons, and entertaining ideas as well. But there is something here for everyone’s tastes and style.


This is the sister site for The Food Network. The website is a little hard to navigate if you are looking for something specific, but it does give you inspiration for all manner of home and decorating ideas. What inspiration it will give you! Sometimes that’s all you need is the inspiration to get the ball rolling.

The Food Network

This website is awesome. I love the fact that you get all kinds of takes, because you can get recipes from all the celebrities. And you can get 10 difference takes on the same recipe. It can be overwhelming unless you focus. Best suggestion is to find a chef or two that you like their styles, and test their recipes.


Do I need to say anymore?


DIY Network

My favorites are probably the Crasher shows and Rehab Addict. But check out all the shows, you might find something you want to follow.


My favorite show on this channel is actually Flea Market Flip. I love seeing things changed into something new.

The Food Network

This is actually becoming more of a reality TV show channel, and less cooking instructions. Unless you happen to not work during the day. It seems like that is when all the cooking instruction shows are on. But it’s always good for entertainment, and the reality shows may show you a recipe you want to find and try for yourself. Check their website before you look anywhere else!


The websites above all have magazines to follow along with. Some of us are better if we have something in our hands to read. I don’t knock it, because I am one. But I think there is one magazine worth buying, no matter what.

Cooks Illustrated

It is a little expensive, and is infrequent (every other month). But it is worth it, because they don’t just give you the recipes. They discuss how they tested and found the best recipe for that dish. They have reviews of equipment and food brands. You learn about cooking, like Alton Brown does on the Food Network. And if you check out the Cooks Illustrated website, you can order special issues that discuss one topic, such as pastas, chocolate, etc.

What is your favorite Blog or Website?

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