Donna Andrews Turing Hopper Mysteries


Donna Andrews Turing Hopper Mysteries

Donna Andrews is a popular mystery writer in Northern Virginia. She has two series out there right now, but I am writing about my favorite one.

She writes

The Meg Langslow series – about a blacksmith in Virginia who is an amateur sleuth.

The Turing Hopper series – A computer, who is not really an amateur sleuth because it is a computer, but heck, it has no license, so why not?

Which one am I going to talk about?

Turning of course, because she is so absolutely fascinating.

Turning is an artificial intelligence program at a database company in Virginia. “She” has a couple of people who know she is a program; most believe she is actually a person.

Basically this is the story of an amateur sleuth that is a hacker, but the hacker is inside the computer system.

The characters are very real to me, very well written. Most of the time, if you get involved in the story, the only way you can tell a computer is talking is because of the italics. That is Turing talking. The other characters start out a little one note as most do at the beginning of a series, but Donna Andrews developed the stars rather quickly, like she has known these characters all her life.

As I have been to the area where this story takes place, the setting is very close to reality. Which makes for fun.

There are not really a lot of twists and turns creating massive sub-plots. Not sure because of the main character being in one place, or that is the author’s choice. But the lack of a multitude of sub-plots actually makes the stories a little easier to swallow. I say this because of who the sleuth is.

I mean, come on, a computer that is a sleuth? How ingenious is that! You really don’t need much more.

This is a well written series, albeit short. There are only four books at this point. I am hoping Donna Andrews will continue the story some day, as I really want to find out what happened to T2. Please write at least one more!

Definitely worth reading for both genders and multiple ages. This is not a series only certain people will like.

The Turing Hopper Series

  1. You’ve Got Murder – 2002
  2. Click Here for Murder – 2003
  3. Access Denied – 2004
  4. Delete All Suspects – 2005

You can find out all about Donna Andrews and her books at

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