Easy Variation Recipes


Easy Variation Recipes

  • Do you have a favorite food that you need easy mass recipes for?
  • Tired of the same old potato skins you can get in the grocery store frozen food aisle?
  • Do your kids love nachos, but you get tired of giving them the exact same ones every week?
  • Does the goddess’ husband LOVE kebobs, but gets bored with chicken every time he fires up the grill?
Easy Variation Recipes

This cookbook is the bomb for fast and easy variations on recipes on the fly

I have great news for you! There is a very simple cookbook out there that is the answer to all your problems. The Food Network has your solution, and it’s a spin off of their fabulous magazine special sections. “What special sections?” you may be asking yourself. “I don’t subscribe to their magazine.” “It’s too complicated for me!”

No problem! In 2012, The Food Network people put together a cookbook based on many of their most popular articles in their magazine. The 50 varieties of one dish inserts, the Perfect whatever page. It’s called 1,000 Easy Recipes Super Fun Food For Every Day. How about 38 different potato skin combinations? How about 43 varieties of panini? The Perfect Popcorn? The Perfect Bacon? Easy mass recipes for everything!

This is a book for those of us who want to wow people, but draw a blank when it comes to entertaining with food. Here is the Table of Contents, to whet your whistle:


  • Crustini
  • Dips
  • Tea Sandwiches
  • Nachos and Potato Skins
  • Chips and Party Mixes

Breakfast and Brunch

  • Smoothies
  • Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast
  • Eggs and Bacon

Main Dishes

  • Soups
  • Kebobs
  • Burgers & Dogs
  • Panini
  • Pizza & Pasta

Salads and Sides

  • Tossed Salads & Slaws
  • Potato & Pasta Salads
  • Beans & Grains
  • Vegetable Sides

Drinks & Desserts

  • Cold Drinks
  • Hot Drinks
  • Cocktails
  • Brownies & Cookies
  • No-Bake Desserts

This book is always my fall back when I get stumped. Even when girlfriends call me, I look things up for them in here. How is this for easy recipes in variations to deal with?

There is not a photo of each recipe, but there is one on each page, with the facing page having anywhere from three to ten recipes. That is how easy these recipes are. No listing of ingredients followed by the directions. Everything is in one easy paragraph per recipe. I have tried many of these recipes. Just a reminder, if there is a measurement for the ingredient, use it. If there is no measurement of a particular ingredient, that means you throw in how much you would like. If you want a little onion, use just a touch. If you want a lot, throw in the whole bulb of it.

There are no complicated recipes in this book. Which means you don’t need a whole lot of experience to use it. Do you know how to cut things? Do you know how to use the basic equipment in your kitchen? That is all you need to know. Go for it! The book is great, I stake my goddess name and reputation on it.

Can be found at The Food Network, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble bookstores everywhere.

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