Goddess Repair Tools


Goddess Repair Tools

What tools does a goddess need for furniture fixes and repairs? I asked myself that question two years ago. I have been collecting items needed to fix things.

This is really what you need to get started:

Goddess repair tools

A good source of material

  • Safety goggles – safety first!
  • Masks like doctors and nurses wear – safety first!
  • Latex gloves – safety first!

Tools For Goddess House Repairs:

  • Hammer.
  • Battery operated screw driver and bit set (Black and Decker is a pretty good set).
  • Regular screwdriver (with various sized bits in the handle, so you only need one).
  • Pliers.
  • Crescent wrench (a small one is just fine to start with).
  • 10′ tape measure.
  • Metal putty knife.
  • Level.
  • Box cutter.
  • Paint brushes (1″ and 2″ size).
  • Assortment of screws.
  • Assortment of nails (finishing (tiny heads) and regular head).
  • A plunger (I have one on every floor!)
  • White cloth rags for cleanup.
  • Drop Cloths (the cheaper ones are fine unless you are painting walls and have nice carpet.
  • Painters blue tape.


Tools For Goddess Furniture Repairs:

  • A hand sander – DeWalt is one of the better ones. It is money well spent.
  • Clamps (for holding things together during repairs, 12-24″ is good).
  • Wood glue (preferably Gorilla glue).
  • Epoxy wood (for filling gouges).
  • Sand paper – 80, 100, 150, 220 grits.
  • 0000 fine steel wool.
Goddess repair tools

A great resource

Research materials at your fingertips. Start the collection small:

  • The internet. Try a couple different sites to see if you can get a consensus on the answers.
  • Home improvement and/or repair guides (both Home Depot & Black and Decker make good ones).
  • The Family Handyman Magazine (for repairs and furniture).

These are extras to buy for your workshop if you really get into it:

  • Dremil tool and bit set (for sanding groovescarving, polishing silver).
  • Kreg Jig (if you build things yourself).
  • Circular Saw (same as above).
  • Caulk (if you have the nerve to do bathroom and window repairs).
  • A simple, cheap work table in your laundry room.
  • A peg board and hooks on the wall for your small tools.

    Goddess repair tools

    My Work Bench


Goddess repair tools

My Power Tools

Goddess repair tools

My Peg Board


It may take a while to collect. Decide what you want to do first and get those tools. My first suggestion would be a reference book, that you can get at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. They tell you what is needed for each project. And build from there.

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