Hank Phillippi Ryan’s The Other Woman

Hank Phillippi Ryan

HanK Phillippi Ryan’s ‘The Other Woman’

Do you like to read suspense novels? Thanks to my insomnia, I just finished ‘The Other Woman’, by Hank Phillippi Ryan. This is not my usual cozy mystery review, but it’s worth reviewing.

It’s an awesome novel with a Senate campaign race, an alleged secret mistress, and killing allegedly caused by what the news gang is calling a serial killer. Notice how I keep using the word allegedly? I don’t want to give anything away.

The stars of the novel include a disgraced television reporter now working for a newspaper, and a police detective who has to draw the lines between business, friendship and a personal relationship. I really liked this reporter. I felt for her. Imagine having to lower your standards, trying to get back into the big time when everyone is feeling sorry for you, but not wanting anything to do with you!

The way Hank keeps bouncing between the multiple plot lines keeps us turning the pages. Snappy dialogue, great characters that were fully developed, and a plot keeping me guessing at who the bad guy really was, made me not want to put it down. She really knows how to make you think. No wait! It can’t be! That’s not right! Oh yes it is! How did she do that? That is what you will be thinking when you read this.

Seduction, betrayal, murder. Who could ask for more?

Hank’s Bio

And before you ask, no this is not an amateur novelist I’m trying to plug. Hank is an investigative reporter in Boston with over 30 Emmys, and a dozen Edward R. Murrow awards. Her noveling efforts have netted her 5 Agathas, 2 Anthonys, 2 Macavitys, the Daphne, and the Mary Higgins Clark award, amongst others the last I heard.

This gal knows her stuff! And she’s a nice lady, having met her a couple of times at conventions.

You might wanna check out this book, or any of the other like 8 she’s written.





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