Heating and Cooling System Repair

HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEMQuick Heating and Cooling System Repair

My Story

I am always worried about my heating and cooling system. It goes into a funk every year. I’ve had the coils freeze solid in the middle of the summer. We had no air conditioning for a week. And of course, over Thanksgiving that same year we had no heat because the air repairman had put one of the parts in backwards. That took several days to fix because of bad weather and the holiday. Fortunately, I have a home repair plan, so someone comes out and looks at it whenever there is a problem. But it is getting ridiculous!

What Is a Diyhomegoddess To Do?

heating and cooling system

The dirty tube

The heating and cooling system is one of the most expensive things in a house. We are talking thousands and thousands of dollars. And they don’t last forever, so it will have to be replaced occasionally.

Did you know there is a simple task any diyhomegoddess can perform to keep it functioning a little longer? It can keep it running more efficiently? Clean the EZ Trap tube.

heating and cooling system

This is what my EZ Trap looks like

When I was getting my inspection this year, the repairman was nice enough to show me something I can do all by myself. Clean a plastic tube! All the equipment is attached. The only thing you need is some water and possibly some bleach if it’s really gunky.

Steps A Diyhomegoddess Will Take

  1. Find the Trap on your heating and cooling system. Most should have it, if it’s a fairly new item (mine is almost a decade old and it has one). 
  2. Take off the EZ Trap cover. On mine, that’s the red cap on the right side of the tube. It should just twist and pop off.
  3. Take the brush that is attached to the pipe and push some of the gunk down to where it goes past the bottom, and starts pushing up to the top.
  4. If you have a lot of gunk, you will probably need to pour some bleach into that mess to try to break it up. Else just pour some water.
  5. Push the brush down again, to get the gunk to pass through the tube into the discharge pipe. 
  6. Remove the brush and replace the EZ Trap cover.
  7. That’s it!
    heating and cooling system

    Just twist it open

    heating and cooling system

    Push that gunk down!

heating and cooling system

This is the brush that comes with it for easy cleaning


Don’t push the brush all the way to where it is stuck! If this happens, take the cap off the other side (the left on my equipment) and push it all the way through to get it back out. Yeah, this diyhomegoddess did that her first try! Whoops!

You will see the gunk gone, and if you pour water in it, it will be clear instead of disgustingly black. That’s what mine looked like when the repairman showed me. It was suggested to do this about twice a year. But it’s easy to see if there is a build-up. When there is build-up, get rid of it!

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This is an easy repair a diyhomegoddess doesn’t even need latex or rubber gloves for! But go for it if you want to put them on.

What repairs have you diyhomegoddesses been able to do by yourself? Find something to do tonight. 




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