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My Story

I try to be organized. I really do. But some things can be overwhelming. I was always buying light bulbs. Always. I could never remember if I had the one I needed. Or which one I needed. Did the ones I had fit?  I decided I needed a household book. Why? Because I was always asking myself questions.

  • Where is the warranty for the heater?
  • What color paint did I use for the powder room on the main floor?
  • Didn’t I already get that termite inspection this year? Why are they calling?
  • What light bulb does the living room need again?

You get the drift.

That is why any diy home goddess need a household book. It’s the easiest way to keep track of everything needed for a house.

What You Need

  • A Binder, probably a two inch binder will do.
  • A 50 pack of sheet protectors from an office supply store.
  • A pack of college ruled paper
  • Or a simple template you can create in Excel or Word if your handwriting is as messy as mine.

The List of Lists

Room Lists

Paint colors by room – you can gather the brand, name, number, a paint chip or an extra bar code when you get a can of it.

Wallpaper by room – brand, style, where bought, color. I’m not sure what this list would include, since I would probably never have wallpaper in my home.

Flooring by room – what type, brand, name of or color, when installed, do you have spares for minor repair

Window Treatments by room – window size, type of treatment, color, size of treatment, cleaning requirements

Light bulbs by room – wattage and style (flood, recessed, bulb, etc). And don’t forget the ones outside, in your appliances, or in your garage!

Toilets (Yes, these are needed for minor repairs!) – brand, year bought, flange brand and when bought, flapper and when bought

A list of any major repairs or renovations done – what was done, when it was done, who did it, cost (inside and outside)

Other Important Lists

Appliances – name, brand, model number, year bought, is it still under warranty, phone number for repairs

  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Television (especially the big screen)
  • Computer
  • Other large electronics
  • Power tools

When to replace/check items –

  • Filters
  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Condition wood cutting boards
  • Condition or treatment of countertops
  • Emergency kit/First Aid kit
  • Winterizing steps
  • Car oil changes
  • Chimney sweeping, etc

Warranty contracts –

  • Appliances
  • Car
  • Home
  • Water tank
  • Heater
  • Air conditioner
  • Big electronics
  • Garbage disposal
  • Mattresses (yes, these come with a warranty)
  • Phone

Maintenance contracts –

  • Water tank
  • Electric
  • Heater
  • Air conditioner
  • Pest control
  • Lawn care
  • If you do car repair (like the 30K, 60K, etc)

Miscellaneous Lists

Names and numbers –

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Police nonemergency
  • Hospital
  • Veterinarians
  • Babysitters
  • Family
  • Emergency contacts
  • Handyman
  • Maid service (if you are so lucky)
  • Who has the emergency spare key

Household Bills (account numbers, address, phone number)

  • Mortgage Company
  • Home Owners Association Contact
  • Electric Company
  • Gas Company
  • Water Company
  • Waste Management Company
  • Cable Company
  • Internet Company
  • Home Owners Insurance Company

Specialty Lists

  • Do you have Antiques? Make a list of the important information and where they are in the house (especially for insurance purchases)
  • Electrical tweaks not in a regular house – That fancy theater sound system? Your basement’s computer command center?
  • Do you do your own repairs? A list of your supplies for quick fixes around the house.

What other lists are there, specific to you and your diy goddess home?

Put Your Household BooK Together

This is real easy. Hand write. Type. Cursive. Whatever. Write up your lists. Print them out. And put them in sleeve protectors. You will put one category in each protector. If the list is more than two pages, use more than one protector. You don’t want to have to take the list out of the sheet protector to read it. Front of the page only. Put two pages back to back in the sheet protector if necessary. That way everything is nice and neat and organized.

And if you splat coffee on it? That is why you have the sheet protectors. The papers should be safe as long as you don’t drop the entire pot on it.

What order to put it in? Honestly? Who cares? It’s totally up to you.

Make sure you update the household book frequently.

  • Anytime you make a new purchase, update it.
  • Anytime you throw something away, update it.
  • Replace something? Update it.
  • If you move to a new residence, update it.
  • A new car? Update it.

Location, Location, Location

Put your household book someplace you can remember. Put it in your china cabinet. What about putting it with your cookbooks? Put it in your safe. DO NOT put it underneath your kitchen sink. I can see it now. Your pipes burst, and it gets ruined. DO NOT put it anywhere it can easily get damaged.

And for goodness sakes, make sure your family knows where the household book is. You do not want to be a diy home goddess who has a family who can’t do anything without you. Teach them to be self sufficient as well.


You have an organization book, tailored to you. Honestly, I did try to find a complete list to use for my post, but the only thing I could find was checklists about what you need when you move into a new home.  But if you want to know, here’s the best one of those I found.

So, if you find anything key that I’m missing, let me know!


BTW, I found a mouse pad I so have to buy. It says “I don’t have bad handwriting, I have my own font”.

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