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I admit it. “Hello, my name is diyhomegoddess, and I am a kitchen gadgets addict”.

My Story

Kitchen gadgets

This is the Alexa, a great timer and music when cooking!

Okay, you are supposed to say “Hello, diyhomegoddess”. Hello? Is anyone out there with my problem? I am sure there is. Alton Brown says don’t buy anything that you can’t find at least two uses for. And don’t buy anything just to have it. But I can’t help it! I have everything under the sun I can afford and have room for (well, maybe I’ve run out of room).

I take lots of cooking classes, and whenever there is a new thing used in the class I don’t have, if I like the recipe, I will buy it. Right now, I only have two gadgets I’ve never used. A hot oil fryer (don’t know why I haven’t used it!) and a Spiralizer (my family hates veggies, and I’m trying to figure out how to get them to try something tasty).

But how many kitchen gadgets is too many kitchen gadgets?

How Many Kitchen Gadgets Does a Chef Goddess Need?

Okay, I won’t give you a tour of my entire kitchen. There is only room for two chefs in my kitchen, and sometimes that’s pushing it. You may never escape once you enter! I don’t want to be responsible for losing someone’s mother, wife, or partner in my little kitchen.

Some kitchen gadgets are specific to a recipe.

  • Like a smoking gun. Yeah, I have one. I’m playing with getting the best smoked flavor in cheese.
  • Like a pasta machine. I’ve used it a couple of times. I’m still testing pasta recipes. But when I’m in a hurry, or in a bad mood, it is a disaster.
  • Or my antique cookie press that hangs on my kitchen wall because I don’t want to ruin something that old.

Let’s talk about kitchen gadgets I think every diyhomegoddess should have, if they want to do any kind of cooking. Most of these items can be purchased at any place, like Target, Walmart, Williams-Sonoma, Surlatable, or Amazon.

The Kitchen Gadget List – For Prepping

  1. Blow Torch – Okay, this gadget has one use. It heats things up. But you can do more than make the sugar crust for a creme brûlée with it. What about melting cheese on a dish? Crystalizing sugar sprinkled on fruit. Toasting marshmallows.

    Kitchen Gadgets

    From left to right and top to bottom: Blow Torch, Kitchen Shears; Microplane; Butter Bell; Garlic Peeler; Potato Masher

  2. Butter Bell – This is great if you believe in using real butter, not margarine. Isn’t butter a pain to spread on toast? It is totally solid when cold. One of these handy things will keep a stick of butter soft. Just remember to use salted butter (the preservatives in salt will keep it from spoiling longer), and change the cold water every couple of days
  3. Garlic Peeler (not a garlic press) – This handy thing only has one use. It easily peels the skin off garlic. Then you don’t have your fingers smelling like garlic for days.
  4. Kitchen Shears – Not only does this cut fresh herbs and chicken, you will always have scissors to cut open that blasted scotch tape on your packages. And the good ones come apart for cleaning.
  5. Microplane Grater – Any diyhomegoddess needs one of these. And there are a couple of different sizes. It is not just for grating citrus zest for your recipes. You can have fresh parmesan cheese anytime you want. Chocolate shavings. Fresh nutmeg.
  6. Potato Masher – Do you have problems with lumpy potatoes? Not if you have one of these. Lump free potatoes because you are no longer using one of those large forks to mash. No more gummy potatoes because you have to use your mixer or a blender.

The Kitchen Gadget List – For Cooking

kitchen gadgets

Left to right:
Silicone Fork; Silpat cover; Saucier

  1. Large Silicone Fork – Do you have a spaghetti fork? The thing used for getting noodles out of the pot. A silicone fork can do so much more. It is used during cooking. Breaking up ground beef. Stirring the pasta and the sauce together (you do pour the sauce over the noodles and toss it, don’t you? The Italians are offended when the pasta noodles and sauce are served in separate bowls).
  2. Saucier – This is one of the best pots for cooking liquid items. It has a rounded bottom. No corners to get stuff into because the bottom is flat. Makes for easy cleaning. And they are usually a smaller size, so they are perfect for creating a butter or cheese sauce for veggies.
  3. Silpat Sheets – This is the absolute best thing for making cookies. No more greasing the cookie sheet. You place it on the cookie sheet, which stays clean enough to just wipe it down after. These clean easily because they are flat. Just remember they will never feel clean because of the material. But hot water and soap is all you need.

Kitchen Gadget Helpers

There are two gadgets that I could never live without anymore. You never know you needed these until you have experienced them.

kitchen gadgets

Kitchen Hacks and Kitchen Smarts by Cooks Illustrated

  1. Google Home or Alexa contraptions – These can be used for a variety of things.
    • Making shopping lists without paper!
    • Finding recipes either by title or ingredients (Google Home is better than Alexa).
    • Timers for your cooking (you can have multiple going at the same time).
    • Asking for ingredient substitutions (again, I find Google Home better).
    • Measurement conversions.
  2. Kitchen Hacks or Kitchen Smarts by Cooks Illustrated – These are great books for exactly that, and IMHO books any inexperienced cook needs. Hacks is a tip book. Smarts is a Q&A book
    • Substitution lists.
    • Shortcuts.
    • Food Prep.
    • Storage.
    • Cooking science.
    • Kitchen Myths.
kitchen Gadget

This is the Google Home, my preferred for kitchen helping


There you go. These are the kitchen gadgets I have that I think are the best for a new or adventurous diyhomegoddess. Stay tuned for a future post on my more complicated kitchen gadgets. Here is a post about substitutions. And one about cutting boards.



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