Libby Klein – Midnight Snacks Are Murder

Libby Klein

Midnight Snacks are Murder – A Poppy McAllister Mystery

General Introduction

Libby Klein has done it again, with Midnight Snacks are Murder. This story was totally different from the last book. That is a good thing. That means this was not a cookie cutter book. Nor was it based on a formula. I don’t like that there is always a love interest in a cozy, but at least in this series it’s not a cop! There is a thief going around in the middle of the night stealing knick-knacks and snacks from peoples’ houses. Then Aunt Ginny is accused of something much worse than this simple crime. Murder! It’s up to Poppy to prove Aunt Ginny is innocent, while fighting the police and her mother-in-law, who seemed to be trying to destroy the renovation of the B&B the gals are trying to open.

The Characters

These characters are fully developed. There were some very unique descriptions of the characters, such as “he was round and pink and looked to have the muscle mass of a canned ham”. You can picture what this man looked like, without having any actual pictorial description. 

There weren’t so many characters that you can’t keep track of them. I liked the fact that they seemed real to me. The old ladies were a hoot. I loved the scene where they kept growing in number as they were looking for Aunt Ginny. I loved how they all wanted to help. And I want to know what was in those cookies!

Aunt Ginny is still feisty, even after the last story.  Tim is an odd duck. I am very suspicious of his activity. Why does he want to meet “his competition” if he is being casual about dating Poppy? Georgina threw me a curveball at the end. Poppy is a self-conscious girl, but I can see her in so many people, even if they aren’t willing to admit it. Her lust is great! Gia is the typical Italian, who I think any girl would melt for. I wonder what his fault is. Does he have one? Joanne made a guest appearance in this episode, and you will love what she did. Not sure why Libby Klein chose her, but I’m glad she did. Smitty is a new character I have grown to love. I hope he makes another appearance!

The Setting Descriptions

There was plenty of setting descriptions in the story. And vivid! I liked the action description of Poppy and Georgina checking the crime scene. I won’t give it away, but Georgina did something so dumb it was funny! 

There was a bit more of going outside in this story than in the last one, and I appreciated that. I got to see more of neighborhood. I got to know the area some more. It is a quaint neighborhood of older people, who take a shine to a “youngster” who has come home to the nest. I hope in the next one I get to glimpse the beach. 

The Dialogue

The dialogue is very quick witted. You can tell who is talking in this story without too many tags (even though some people scream for tags). This is because everyone seems to have their own voice and quirks and catch phrases in this story. You can really guess who’s talking, without being told. I really like this.

And, unlike some other stories, there is a lot of emotions show, not just “emotions told” in this story, like ‘she was sad’ or ‘he sighed’. Libby Klein made sure she actually showed she emotions.

There is a good ratio of dialogue, setting, action, and exposition in the story. There is not one that overpowers the others.

The Pace

There was a good beat to the sentences. A good variation. There were lots of ups and downs. It wasn’t just up and up and up, like some books. There was a lot of tension in this book. But there was some relaxation as well. 

And some of the twists and turns were unexpected which upped the pace a bit. 

Again, there is lots of humor sprinkled throughout the story. Some of it quite shocking, but well placed, and nothing so far out there that it doesn’t belong.

It was fun to figure out why things happened Aunt Ginny, again! And Georgina really upped the tension, in a fun way.

The Plot

There were plenty of clues and red herrings again. I liked the variations on the subplots. And how they got interwoven into the main plot. There were plenty of suspects in this book, and I was constantly changing my mind, as was Poppy, on who the killer was. I even went so far as going way out there on the killer at one time, because of some red herrings. Great job!

I loved the clue that brought the killer out.

There were two descriptions (explanations) that went a little too long IMHO, but not long enough that I skipped over them. One was about drugs and one was about charities.

It was written very smoothly. There wasn’t a choppy here’s the ending of one scene, now all of a sudden we start two days later in another place. She uses very good transitions.

Libby Klein Author Information

Libby Klein is a fairly new author, but I see this series going a long way as long as she keeps coming up with new ideas for murder. You can find more out about her here.  

  • Class Reunions are Murder – January 2018 (check out my review on this book here.
  • Midnight Snacks are Murder – Coming July 2018!
  • Rumor has it the next one is called Restaurant Week is Murder

The Verdict

I have to give this 4.5 stars! And I am very particular above giving above 4 stars.


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