Plan a Vacation with a Scrapbook of Ideas


Plan a Vacation with a Scrapbook for the Best Vacation Ever!

What do you mean, plan a vacation with a scrapbook?

Everywhere, people are posting pictures of their befores and afters.

  • Rooms redesigned
  • Furniture (hmm, you will probably mine here, here, or even here)
  • Bodies transformed
  • Landscaping
  • Make-up or hair makeovers
  • Wardrobes
  • Clean houses instead of clutter

Why not do a before and after of your vacation? I mean, come on! You plan a vacation, right? At least if it’s somewhere you have never been before, or if you have a certain goal in mind. So why not plan a vacation up to the next level? That way you can also see what you thought about doing versus what you actually did. Or even make a book of a dream of a lifetime vacation.

plan a vacation

I went all out on planning this book for a friend!

The Story

A good friend of mine (Cruzen) saw my photo album of my Las Vegas vacation. You can create one on the Walmart website. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime, and it was done very professionally. She was so jealous of the fun she saw in the album that she talked her Boo into cancelling one of the cruises for the year and booked a week in Las Vegas. She didn’t know what to do in Vegas; she’d never been there and neither had Boo. She asked me to help plan a vacation for her. Actually, she said she wanted to do everything I did. The only requirements she gave me was that she had to go see the Grand Canyon (she booked that herself) and she did not gamble, so no casinos.

Now, Cruzen definitely has money. She goes on four cruises a year! And she has a travel agent to help her with finding great cruises at a great price. So why did she want me to help plan a simple trip to Las Vegas? Other than she said she and her Boo had never been to Las Vegas? Who knows, but she did. And I love her, so I didn’t want to disappoint. So I didn’t just give her a list of must sees. I make a scrapbook of her trip to decide what she should do.

And you can do it as well. It takes a little bit of time, but the world is our oyster, so let’s go find the gems! This is what I did.

What You Need:

  • One scrapbook, about twenty pages is all you need.
  • Some scrapbook paper to tape everything onto.
  • Some stickers if you want to make it fun.
  • One map of the place you are going to. You will want to print out the addresses of your potential selections as well, so you can plan a vacation in groupings to save time.
  • A computer for internet searching.
  • Some paper to print out your potentials.

What do you need to search?

First, you might want to check out the city’s website. I went to Here is where you find the low-down of the rules for the town. For example, jaywalking is a hefty fine ($300 is what the bus driver said when we saw someone get a ticket), so that is good to know. And transportation options for the area is key, especially for a place like The Strip.

Check with Trip Advisor for suggestions and reviews on places to go. I consider it a “must do” for going anywhere! Restaurants, Nightclubs and bars. Museums. Sightseeing Tours. Shopping. Entertainment.

plan a vacation

Here is a page of the food ideas. I gave specific details so she could choose wisely


  • I picked several places where Cruzen and Boo could try tasting menus. They are a little more expensive, but you get the top of the line from the restaurant, and because it was a tasting menu, you got to try more than one dish. And I printed out the tasting menus so she could see what they had before she booked reservations.
  • I picked a few mid grade places that were considered must eat at places for the common folk. These I gave a description.
  • And I picked some low end restaurants that were either extremely popular by the locals, or had a unique twist. Some of these were historical spots as well.


I picked several walking tours that would showcase unique views of Las Vegas. I am of the opinion that if you want to see the real deal, you need to find what is off the beaten path. You don’t need to do the same ones everyone else is doing. And, you can find out more about the history of the city by doing tours, if that is your thing.

Of course I had to give her a couple of options for the Grand Canyon trip as well, since I wasn’t sure if she had booked it already.

plan a vacation

the best part of a vacation!


Here I gave her some options of what to do indoors. Las Vegas can be very hot (I went in August!), so I wanted to give her a couple of days she could be inside for part of it. I gave her some of the more popular ones, as well as some of the little known secrets (like the Pinball Hall of Fame). Museums run anywhere from free to about $25 for the majority of private museums. When in New York, go to the Met!


Las Vegas is known for its shows. However, most of the shows you can see just about anywhere. Yes, Virginia, even Cirque du Soleil can be seen in Denver, Colorado. If she insisted on a show (which everyone says you HAVE to, and NO you DON’T!), I wanted to give her a few options of shows you can’t see anywhere BUT Las Vegas. So I gave her ideas of shows where I knew the artist did not travel outside of Las Vegas, or one that highlighted Las Vegas.

She insisted she had to see Celine Dion. Goodness girl, I don’t get you at all. She asked me to get an autograph when I was out there. Alas, I didn’t see her, but I did try.

If you are going to New York, try to see a play on Broadway, not off-Broadway.

plan a vacation

Who wants a freebie on a vacation?


Everyone loves free stuff. In Las Vegas, there is a plethora of choices. All I had to do was type in our good friend Google – free stuff to do in Las Vegas. And I got so many hits my head swam. A lot of people know about these, so they are not secrets, but you get to save some moolah that way! And of course here is where I realized I forgot to do some of my plans!

plan a vacation

This is what Cruzen does best!


  • I gave her the best ideas for her kind of shopping, which is of course high end. I told her where she could find several malls. Why people do that here, when you can do that at home is beyond me.
  • I gave her ideas on where she could look for souvenirs. I gave her one place I am sure she won’t go to, because of her high brow condition. Everyone says they have cheesy, cheap souvenirs. But aren’t they all, if they are a souvenir?
  • And I gave her a listing of souvenirs she could try to look for that would be classic memorabilia. When on a vacation, try to find stuff that is specifically geared toward your city, that other cities may not have. Or if you collect shot glasses, don’t forget to pick one up every time you go somewhere.


  • I had a page or two of experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Like riding a gondola, or having a fake mugshot taken. In any city, one thing you could do is pay for a caricature. These guys do it fairly cheap, fairly fast, and there will usually be some kind of symbol representing where you are.
  • And of course there are a couple of blank pages so she can write down what she chooses.
  • I printed a picture for each idea so she would have a visual. Because we all like picture books, right?
  • And I decorated it with stickers and titles for each page.
  • FYI, I did try to convince her to spend $2 on penny slots, so she could say she did gamble in Vegas! We will see if she did.

So there you have it. A “plan a vacation” plan. It was a book I am proud of. And a friend who used to be a travel agent said she thought I did a good job, and that she used to do it for some clients.

Plan your own DIY home goddess dream vacation now!

You can check out some other ideas for DIY books on this post.

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