Pot Roast Made Easy


Pot Roast Made Easy

Pot Roast is a classic. It has been around for centuries, I bet. Obviously longer than I’ve been alive (at least I hope so). It is a favorite in most households that eat red meat. It is one of those recipes that everyone has one or more, and they are all different and everyone says theirs is the best, including me!

Styles of Pot Roast

Pot Roast comes in all kinds of flavor combinations:

Pot Roast

This is all I need. I didn’t have beef stock, so I used water.

  • onions, beef stock, carrots, celery
  • switch the beef stock for wine
  • switch the beef stock for cream of mushroom soup and water
  • add dry onion soup mix
  • don’t use any vegetables
  • add cut potatoes half way through cooking
  • serve over potato, mashed potatoes, rice or pasta
  • sear the meat
  • don’t sear the meat
  • cook in the oven
  • cook in a crock pot

See what I mean?

Why My Pot Roast is the Best (IMHO)

  • It is the easiest recipe of all the combinations
  • I love mashed potatoes so much better than cubed potatoes
  • The look of it reminds me of Pennsylvania Dutch style food
  • It flat out looks fun to eat
  • Mine is not a commonly found recipe on the internet or in the cookbooks

Best Meat to Use

A chuck roast is the best cut to use. It is tough. It has little fat when it is being cooked. The science says this meat collagen will start to break down over a low heat, and the meat will tenderize itself. Especially if you cook it forever, which is the best thing for it!

The best alternative if you don’t want chuck would be the rump or bottom round roast. This has the same qualities. Some say use brisket, but I don’t like that personally as a roast. I want that in a barbecue!

Preparing the Meat

There is not too much you need to do here. Cut off any large knobs of fat. You want to keep some fat, but serious excess get rid of, because you aren’t going to eat it anyway. Salt and pepper the meat.

Pot Roast

Resting easy

Putting the Pot Roast Together

Lay the meat in the bottom of a slow cooker that is set on low.

Mix 3/4 cup beef stock with 2 envelopes Lipton Dry Onion Soup Mix.

Pour on top of meat.

Let it cook on low for 10 hours. In other words, set it up when you wake up, and it will be ready by dinner time.

Easiest way to make mashed potatoes? Do what a lot of people do nowadays. Buy a package of refrigerated pre-made potatoes by Bob Evans or Country Crock and heat. PLEASE do not buy the instant flakes to make! Those are one of the worst tasting inventions made in my day! URGH!

When the meat is done, remove it from the crock pot and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Spoon the grease out that has floated to the top of the broth. Slice and spoon meat and sauce over the potatoes. Serve.


Pot Roast

Best and easiest pot roast ever!

  • Slicing against the grain means you are cutting against the muscle fibers you see. This will keep the tenderness.
  • You can shred the meat with two forks instead of slicing (this is what I do).
  • You should start with the broth coming half way up the roast in the crock pot. Don’t add any more.

For other interesting flavors and pot roast techniques, try the recipes on these pages:

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Check out the full recipe and download it here.

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