Resource Goddess

Resource Goddess

It is every woman’s right to be as small or as big a goddess as she wants to be. We all have attributes that lead us to greatness. Of course we cannot do anything on our own. If we did, we would truly be God (I know, blasphemy, but some people act like they are). We all need help, and to be a true goddess, we should find all the help we can.

List of Resources

How does a good become a resource goddess? By finding the right tools to move her ahead. By gathering the right resources to help her accomplish her goals. Back when I was a young, naive woman, the resources necessary to become a goddess consisted of:

  • my parents (who were no help whatsoever)
  • friends (gee, I didn’t have too many)
  • and books like the encyclopedias.

A great resource

But since I was growing up in the stone age, things have changed. We now have resource goddess materials at our fingertips. I am not including friends and family, in case you are too embarrassed to ask for help from someone you know, but they are always willing to help.

  • The Internet in general, especially our good friends Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines (the price of your service)
  • Blogs that discuss everything desired (sometimes a subscription or email signup is required). Gee you are reading one right now!
  • Websites written by experts, who are willing to impart their knowledge on you, often for free!
  • Classes at your high school, usually done through the county (for a price)
  • You Tube videos can even show you how to use a caulking gun (sometimes you need to become a subscriber to that particular resource)
  • Television channels to discuss everything (HGTV, PBS, Food Network, History Channel, etc.)
  • Encyclopedias (do expensive hard copies still exist, or is everything on the internet, usually at a price)
  • Books, of course. You do still remember what a book is, right?

In this area I will be showing you several things for your resource goddess arsenal.

  • Blog links to other similar topics
  • Websites for professional information
  • Books that you might want to peruse
  • Free downloads of my recipes, checklists and instructions

I hope you enjoy my site, take away a little bit of knowledge to become the resource goddess that you have always wanted to be!

Who Am I?

I am a goddess, who is determined to do everything. I want to teach women how to do things for themselves. You can depend on you, and there is great pride in doing things yourself. Let me teach you how to DIY vanilla houses into homes with hearts.

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