Retro Something New


Retro Something New

The Hunt

In my quest to retro my home, I started with some crafting things. I’ve always been able to make something as long as I had the instructions. You ask me to create something out of my head, forget it! But I can do just about anything with instructions and enough patience.

I wanted some kind of retro cool looking table outside on my deck. I really didn’t like the large patio tables because they were heavy and bulky, and well, just big! I needed something a little substantial, but I wanted little. Just something big enough to put a couple of beers on.

In my quest, I found a do it yourself magazine that had an unusual looking table. It used a metal table, bottle caps, and spray paint. Hey, I could do this! But where in the world do I find enough bottle caps! Most stuff doesn’t come with bottle caps anymore, and I really didn’t want to drink the estimated 200 bottles of beer I would need.

retro something new

You can get these for a total retro look

retro something new

Epoxy dots to protect the bottle caps if you so desire.

I found this company, They sold new and used bottle caps! Just what I needed! I wanted it to have a retro look, so just ordering plain old single color bottle caps was not exactly what I had in mind. But they had a set of old soda company bottle caps for sale. So retro! And they were flat, so easily glued on I was thinking. Perfect for what I wanted. Retro and new at the same time.

retro something new

This table only cost me $40, and now it is a one of a kind.

I had to get a table so I would know how many bottle caps to order. I went to my go to place for steel, IKEA. About the only thing I purchase there is steel container components, and storage items. Wandering through that place can be seriously time consuming. But I found exactly what I wanted. A wrought-iron table, with a tempered glass top. It was perfect. The right size for the deck, the right size for patio furniture.

The Job

And here is what I did.

Retro something new

Epoxy glue from any craft store.

  1. One glass topped table
  2. Flattened vintage/retro bottle caps, either collected or from (see next step to determine number you need)
  3. Epoxy dots from
  4. 3D crystal lacquer that you can get from any craft store.
  • If you can remove the glass, do so.
  • Clean with windex or soap and water.
  • Measure the size of the table top, so you can figure out how many caps you need.

For example, a 9 inch circle needs 61 caps, as seen in this picture.

Inches # of That Particular Circle # of Caps
1 1 1
3 2 7
5 3 19
7 4 37
9 5 61
Retro something new

Here is an example off the internet of what the circular design is I am talking about

As you can see by the above chart, every two inches adds another circle. And for each additional circle, you need to take the number of that prior circle, multiple by 6, and add that to the prior number of caps. So, an 11 inch circle would have 5×6=30 plus the 61, so a total of 91 caps for the next circle.

  • Peel an epoxy dot off the sheet.
  • Put the epoxy dot on a bottle cap. They will protect the design. If you are using just old caps, or ones without design, you can decide to skip the epoxy dot step.
  • Repeat until all caps are covered.
  • Put a thin layer of lacquer on the underside edge of a bottle cap and place in the center of the table.
  • You will only have to press slightly. They will start to dry pretty quickly.
  • You can streamline best by just putting the lacquer on a maximum of 6 caps at a time before placement.
  • Place 6 caps in a circle surrounding the center cap.
  • Move onto the next circle.
  • Complete one circle at a time for the best look.
  • Let the lacquer dry.
  • If it made spider webbing, just pull off like it was the webbing from a hot glue gun.
  • If you took the top off, carefully replace it and wipe down.

The Ending

Just remember, the table will be a little heavier now with the decor. I cover the table with a plastic drop cloth so it does not get hit with as much bad weather, with it being outside. It looks beautiful, don’t you think?
Retro something new

From the top

Retro something new

Just a gorgeous piece of art here!

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