Sherry Harris – Tagged for Death (A Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery)


Sherry Harris ‘Tagged for Death’ is the first in a new mystery series, based on the garage sale angle. Something I had not seen done before, and I liked the concept. A total stranger at Barnes and Noble pointed out the series when I was looking for something new to check out.


The characters were fully developed. I felt like I knew them, or wanted to get to know them. Sarah was fun. Going from a military wife to a civilian without the military status connection is hard to do. She had to become strong rather quickly, and used her friends (both military and civilian) to get grounded. 

CJ was an interesting character. Putting the military and police persona together was extremely strong. I liked the interactions between him and Sarah. 

The base characters were your standard military, which may set you off, but believe me, the way these characters were portrayed is on point. The actual military and the spouse sector are totally different, and it was portrayed well.


I liked the way Sherry Harris explained things to the unknowing (military and NorthEastern terms). And yes, being both myself, she did a good job.  The military terms were explained for those “not in the know”, but it wasn’t overbearing. Sherry Harris brought her experience in here, being a former military wife.

The dialogue was kind of fun, in withstanding the terminology. Some books go on for pages with dialogue and nothing else. There was just enough. Added the emotions and other tell tale signs of the characters, it was smooth going.


I felt the setting descriptions were slightly lacking, the attitudes made up for it, so you got the gist of what the place was like. Like the attitude of the police and the military with Sarah, being an “ex-military wife”. Both groups protect their own, and you could tell this was going on.

But the settings were described enough to where you understood where the story took place. 

The “aura” made up for any lack thereof. Kudos to Sherry Harris for this!


Would have loved to see a little more interaction involving garage sales, since that’s the sleuth’s magic. The hints involving garage sales were great, and kind of made up for the lack of major scenes at yard sales. Maybe in the future there will be more in depth scenes. I’ve seen these things, and it can be stressful, it would make for good subplots.

I read the entire book accusing the wrong characters for the murders. This was because of the placement of very good red herring and clues! Something any serious mystery reader wants in the books.

The Series

  • The Longest Yard Sale – 2015
  • All Murders Final! – 2016
  • A Good Day to Buy – 2017
  • I Know What You Bid Last Summer – 2017

You can find more about Sherry Harris here.

The Verdict

There was a bit of choppiness going from scene to scene. But this was the first book in the series, so I will give a pass on that. That being set aside, I want to read the next one.

4 stars IMHO. 

What do you think?

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