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Chocolate Tasting Party for You and Your Friends

The Chocolate Tasting Party

My Story

I took my daughter to Hershey Park Pennsylvania’s Hershey World, during spring break her high school senior year. I was so proud of her because she was getting ready to graduate, and it had been a struggle to keep her in school since kindergarten. Yes, she had to go to summer school, just to pass kindergarten! We went and did major chocolate tasting.

I took her to every event that I could in the chocolate factory. We made our own chocolate bar. A 4D mystery movie. The inside tour on how chocolate is made. The Trolley Tour of the town. We even did a class on learning how to eat chocolate!

There we learned about how to eat chocolate. How to taste chocolate. They gave us all kinds of chocolate to try. We learned about different flavor profiles. We ate a piece, the lecturer asked us what kinds of flavors we tasted, and we compared it with what the experts said the flavor profile of that chocolate tasting was. One guy said he tasted cheese in one bite, which was correct. Cheese? Seriously? He’d obviously been there before.

It was an eye opening experience, one I highly recommend.


Here’s my official tasting certificate

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