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quick decorating ideasQuick Decorating Ideas

My Story

Sometimes I need a quick decorating idea. Why? Because we all get bored with our house occasionally. I get tired of looking at the same old rooms all the time. But how does a diyhomegoddess afford a full house makeover? 

She doesn’t! She changes it up with what she has, or hits a yard sale/flea market! Or even Walmart! Quick decorating ideas are all over the internet. And in your mind.

Quick Decorating Ideas for Rooms

The easiest thing to do is to rearrange your furniture. No cost involved, only time! But what if a diyhomegoddess doesn’t have that option? What if there’s no reasonable way to rearrange?What else can she do?

Living Room

  • Buy an ottoman or two for more storage, complimenting your color scheme. Bonus!
  • Move the furniture away from the walls. It creates a more intimate setting!
  • Toss a colorful blanket over the sofa for a pop of color, and warmth on cold nights!
  • Do you have a tiny nook? Put a card table and chairs, with your game collection, ready for family night!


quick decorating ideas

an antique I will never use, a cookie/butter mold on the wall

  • Go to a flea market or yard sale and get some new chairs for your breakfast table. You can find some really cheap with just a bit of clean up!
  • Display a few of your most used cookbooks on an island, table, or a small shelf. That way you aren’t always dragging them out!
  • Do you have an antique spoon? Or something passed down but you don’t use? Hang it on the wall!
  • Have different kitchen towels to add a pop of unexpected color by your sink or stove!

Dining Room

  • Love your curtains, but want to replace the scheme? Use the old ones to reupholster your dining room or kitchen chairs!
  • Buy a cheap butler table, and put your coffee pot and all the accessories in the dining room. Instant after dinner coffee!
  • Buy a mirror. It will make the room look more spacious!


  • Have two or more sets of bedding, if you have storage. You can have different schemes for the seasons, using different thicknesses of blankets. Awesome idea Jonathan Scott!
  • Who says all your family pictures have to be in a hallway or living room?
  • Add a cheap chair, to throw your pillows on at night. And reading space when you aren’t in bed!
quick decorating ideas

These are pictures taken from an old calendar


  • Use washi tape to cover plastic picture frames. Instant pop of color. You can find washi in all colors and designs!
  • Do you have a swatch of material or wallpaper where you love the design? Frame it and put it on the wall. Who says it has to be a real picture for the wall!
  • Do you have commemorative plates? Hang them on the wall to save shelf space for books!
  • Use frames that have glass on both sides, so the wall color comes through!

Other Areas

  • Put down a rug runner on your hardwood floors. Right by the front or back door and you will leave the outside dirt on the rug instead of your hardwood!
  • Add a bold knick-knack or two to your bookshelves. Makes the look less cluttered!
  • Put out a basket for your pictures, instead of keeping them in bulky photo albums. People will be drawn to them!
  • Do your sliding doors always hop off the track? Take them down and put up heavy curtains instead!
  • Stack some books horizontally instead of vertically. Instant bookend if you put them next to vertically placed books!

Places For Inspiration for Quick Decorating Ideas


Spice Blends – It’s All About the Flavors!

spice blendsSpice Blends- It’s all about the Flavors!

Why do I need spice blends, you are asking. My dear diy home goddesses! Ethnic cuisines have a specific flair to them. It’s not always based on the foods being made, it’s more to deal with the spices that go with it.

Yeah, people say Greek, and this diy home goddess instantly thinks of lamb and feta cheese. But, it’s also prevalent in Middle Eastern, Aussie, some French and Italian dishes. And it’s an alternative in America to ham at Easter.

A stew can host a lot of ethnic varieties, such as American, Hungarian, French, Spanish, German, Caribbean, Italian… you get the point.

Sometimes, flavor depends on the ingredients used. But the best way to bring ethnic flair to a meal is through spice blends. And it’s easy peasy to do that with staple spices you probably already have in your kitchen.

Many recipes have a list of spice ingredients. But let’s say you are a true diy home goddess, and are just throwing ingredients together to make up your own dish. Or let’s say you want rice or chicken or steak, and you want a kick instead of the same old boring, plain dish. Here’s where you can make your own spice blends and put them to good use.

If you want, you can buy packets of the spice blend or jars of it, ready to use. Or you can be a true diy home goddess and throw the combinations together with what you have in your spice rack. That way you can make the spice blend as needed. And it saves money!  Read more

Household Book – A Great Organization Tool

household bookHousehold BooK

My Story

I try to be organized. I really do. But some things can be overwhelming. I was always buying light bulbs. Always. I could never remember if I had the one I needed. Or which one I needed. Did the ones I had fit?  I decided I needed a household book. Why? Because I was always asking myself questions.

  • Where is the warranty for the heater?
  • What color paint did I use for the powder room on the main floor?
  • Didn’t I already get that termite inspection this year? Why are they calling?
  • What light bulb does the living room need again?

You get the drift.

That is why any diy home goddess need a household book. It’s the easiest way to keep track of everything needed for a house.

What You Need

  • A Binder, probably a two inch binder will do.
  • A 50 pack of sheet protectors from an office supply store.
  • A pack of college ruled paper
  • Or a simple template you can create in Excel or Word if your handwriting is as messy as mine.

Read more

Toilet Flapper Replacement



The toilet flapper? The stopper? The whatchamacallit? Whatever name you use for that contraption that makes the tank refill with water after you flush the toilet, you need to become familiar with it. Why? Because it will need to be replaced every two to five years. And a home goddess doesn’t need to waste the $50-$100 by calling a plumber (I have friends who do) when you can do it yourself. Yes, even a diy home goddess can do this, easy peasy.

Why do you need to change the toilet flapper? There are two reasons to change a toilet flapper (the handyman official name for it):

  • If you have a chain, the chain broke. It’s metal, it can happen. You can’t flush the toilet at all.
  • The rubber no longer seals the hole where the water escapes. The water never stops running, because the water keeps leaving the tank; it never gets full.

My Story – “Tanks A Lot!”

When was my first time? I had used the toilet before I headed to work one morning. The toilet would not flush. I opened the tank, and saw the chain was broken and spread around the base. I lifted the metal bar for a manual flush and rushed off to work.

Read more

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