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David Lebovitz – L’Appart Book Review

DAVID LEBOVITZL’Appart, by David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is an amazing pastry chef who not only writes cookbooks, but shares his life in Paris. If you want the real scoop, get one or more of his books.

My Story

I love the idea of France. I hear people complaining (dear old dad included) complain about the attitude of the French. A lot of Americans say the French are livid about us not using their language when in France. I totally get the French’s point though. Americans want people to speak English when they are in America, but we want to use English in their country with no complaints. What’s up with that?

I seem to feel a kindred spirit with them. They love Jerry Lewis (at least they used to), and when I was younger, he was the one comedian I always watched. 😆 There is this elegance about them that I never could understand. Pais is beautiful. And there all kinds of food markets and stores that specialize and are experts in one item. I would love to find that in my area. Maybe I belong in France. Who knows?

And every diy home goddess knows about my love of cooking. I found a blog by accident that gave me the best of both cooking and France. David Lebovitz wrote that blog. He lives in France and cooks all kinds of food, but specializes in desserts, which most chefs don’t like to make. The blog and Chef David speak to me.

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Spice Blends – It’s All About the Flavors!

spice blendsSpice Blends- It’s all about the Flavors!

Why do I need spice blends, you are asking. My dear diy home goddesses! Ethnic cuisines have a specific flair to them. It’s not always based on the foods being made, it’s more to deal with the spices that go with it.

Yeah, people say Greek, and this diy home goddess instantly thinks of lamb and feta cheese. But, it’s also prevalent in Middle Eastern, Aussie, some French and Italian dishes. And it’s an alternative in America to ham at Easter.

A stew can host a lot of ethnic varieties, such as American, Hungarian, French, Spanish, German, Caribbean, Italian… you get the point.

Sometimes, flavor depends on the ingredients used. But the best way to bring ethnic flair to a meal is through spice blends. And it’s easy peasy to do that with staple spices you probably already have in your kitchen.

Many recipes have a list of spice ingredients. But let’s say you are a true diy home goddess, and are just throwing ingredients together to make up your own dish. Or let’s say you want rice or chicken or steak, and you want a kick instead of the same old boring, plain dish. Here’s where you can make your own spice blends and put them to good use.

If you want, you can buy packets of the spice blend or jars of it, ready to use. Or you can be a true diy home goddess and throw the combinations together with what you have in your spice rack. That way you can make the spice blend as needed. And it saves money!  Read more


bread bag


The Problem

How do you store homemade bread? What? You don’t make homemade bread you say? Guess what? I don’t either. But my roommate got me a mini bread maker for my birthday this year, so I guess I will start. But doesn’t everyone occasionally get one of those artisan loaves from the grocery store? A small loaf of Italian bread maybe? A small bag of fresh French crusty rolls? Not those Hawaiian rolls, I’m talking the ones with real crust on them. Bread you have to use that handy dandy serrated knife you have just sitting in your drawer for.
Maybe you made some of my Spaghetti Sauce (or you got creative and tweaked it, good for you!), or you made my Beef over Noodles, or even my Pot Roast. My, aren’t we getting to be a little Suzy Homemaker! So you went to the store and got a loaf of crusty bread to go with it, or some fabulous rolls.
But, you didn’t eat them all during dinner. So you put them in a quart sized plastic bag. Maybe you didn’t have anything over the next couple of days that would go with the leftover bread. Or maybe you stashed it somewhere, and forgot about it. And within a day or two, they got stale, or even worse, moldy. So you wasted some of your hard earned money and some wonderfully tasty bread, because you didn’t eat it fast enough.
What is a DIY home goddess to do? Never buy that wonderful homemade bread again? Or if she has one of those homemade bread makers, not use it, and let it gather dust? Heavens no! She takes a few items and makes a bread bag or two.  Read more




Not just mashed potatoes, but garlic mashed potatoes! What is better than that? I can’t think of too many dishes that are better than a correctly made garlic mash. I grew up on mashed potatoes, but once I tried it with garlic in it, I knew I was in love.

My Story

I have tried to make mashed potatoes correctly ever since I started learning how to cook. It didn’t matter what recipe I tried, they just didn’t turn out tasting as good as those in a great steakhouse.

  • I tried different seasonings.
  • I tried different levels of milk fat.
  • I tried butter versus margarine.
  • I tried different kinds of potatoes.
  • I tried peeling versus not peeling, whole versus chunked versus diced.
  • How to do the garlic, mashed, chopped, diced, cooked, not cooked, boiled or raw.
  • I tried a hand mixer versus the more powerful kitchenaid mixer. I had a masher, but never used it for that, because I thought it was not necessary.

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