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Do Not Always Refurbish Your Antiques – Sometimes Just Reuse Them

Do Not Always Refurbish Your Antiques – Sometimes Just Reuse Them

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Restain Furniture For A New Look

RESTAINRestain Furniture For A New LooK

My Story

I am so having nightmares about wanting to restain my bookshelves. The color isn’t right. I originally liked it. Would have wanted something darker, but the family outvoted me 2 to 1. Light oak bookshelves (with a touch of brown trim), light hardwood floors, and banana split colored walls. If it wasn’t for the books, you wouldn’t know the bookshelves existed.

But the real reason I hate the shelves? As you know (or can read here), I designed these bookshelves specifically to deal with my chair rail. Built them myself, taking an entire summer. I picked out the wood, cut it, stained it, drilled holes, nailed, added feet and trim. It was a lot of work.

Okay, calm down my diy home goddesses! I’m gonna tell you. The REAL reason I hate my bookshelves? My sister’s mouth. I showed her a picture of all the work I did. The sweat. The tears. The cussing. The constant washing of the skin to get splatter stains off. And what were her words when she saw the picture?


This is a before shot of one of the 8 bookshelves I’m restaining.

“What am I looking at?” she asked (Seriously?)

“The bookshelves I made,” I responded.

“Well,” she continued, “they match the floor.”

Come on! Really? That was all she had to say about it. Not they looked good. Didn’t say you did a good job. Or even wow, that must have been a lot of work. Nope, “they match the floor!” Read more

A Crazy Year to DIY the Kitchen – Kitchen Cabinets


DIY The Kitchen – Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Update

This is what my kitchen looked like right after I moved in, bought new appliances, and painted some walls.

This post talks about the kitchen cabinet outsides. My cabinets were in great shape, even though the cabinets were original to the 1974 house. The only weird thing was they put thin plywood on the inside (top, bottom, sides and back). And not very well.

I actually had done the kitchen cabinets a couple of years ago myself. I had used the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit ($75). I lightened my cabinets from a darker oak to a vintage color. It took 5 days to do, completing the project only at night after work.

Go here for the post where I used the Transformations kit.

kitchen cabinet

After the first transformation with Rustoleum

t was a great idea at the time, but I decided I really didn’t like it after a while. No clue why, other than it was not inspiring. And my kitchen needs to be inspiring in order for me to cook something other than Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (my daughter’s favorite food).  Does that make sense?

Giving it a Second Go Around

So I decided to change the kitchen cabinets. Again. I was starting to fall in love with mid-century designs. I think I was born about 20 years too late. The 50’s are when almost every woman knew how to cook! Read more

Update The Kitchen Cabinets!

update the kitchen cabinets

Update the Kitchen Cabinets

Probably the least expensive way to change your kitchen look, with the biggest plastic surgery impact, is to update the kitchen cabinets.

“Are you crazy?” you are shouting. That averages from four to nine thousand dollars! It is probably the most expensive part of a renovation. How is that cheap? Maybe if you are The Donald or Bill Gates! But me? I don’t have that kind of money. And if I did, I would replace my car!

Now wait a minute! I said change the cabinets, not replace them. If the guts of the cabinets are fine, just change the face of them.

“Hold on! Refacing!” That still runs probably five thousand dollars. How much money do you think I have? Coffee cans buried in the backyard don’t happen anymore. Who do you think your readers are?

My readers are the DIY goddesses of course! I got your back! Do not worry! How does about two hundred bucks sound? Is that better?

update the kitchen cabinets

My cabinets before the transformation

The DIY goddess does things herself, and as long as the structure is sound and the hardware is in good shape changing the cabinet look can be dune with less than two sawbucks and about six to eight hours of work spread over about four days.

I did this by myself, and you can too! It took under a week, while working my full time job, and totally changed the look of my kitchen. I went brighter, to make my tiny kitchen look bigger. Read more

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