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Easy Home Repairs – Without the Huge Expense

Easy Home RepairsEasy Home Repairs – Without the Huge Expense

My Story

I was forty-five, and I decided it was time to grow up and put down some roots, for the first time in my life. I grew up a military brat, was a veteran, married a veteran, and as a civilian had trouble keeping a job in one place. 

Amazingly, I finally found a civilian job where I fit in. I’d been there for eight years. I’d never been in one place eight years. I lived in an expensive area and decided to see if I qualified for a house, since I’d planned on retiring at a job I actually loved. What a shock, right? A job this diyhomegoddess loved! 

So I started looking for a house. For the first time in my life, I was going to own. I spent only a few weeks, but looked at probably about 40 houses. I got a townhouse! Unfortunately it was a foreclosure, and had a lot of work to do. There were only three former owners over its 35-year life, but sadly, they were diy-ers that had no clue what they were doing or did things on the cheap. Like putting flooring on top of the old. Like painting wrought-iron latex white! Or, my personal fav, covering the laundry room ceiling with vinyl siding!

 Easy Home Repair Skills

So I had to learn skills for easy home repairs fast! It’s been going on nine years. And I’m still fixing things. Yes, I still need to strip the wrought-iron. Or I will replace it with wood railing. I haven’t decided which would be better. But I’m doing it slowly. And what I can’t do, I am hiring professionals to do.

There are many things a diyhomegoddess can do on her own, to save a few bucks. Here are some easy home repairs you can do yourself. Read more

Kitchen Gadgets for the Diyhomegoddess


I admit it. “Hello, my name is diyhomegoddess, and I am a kitchen gadgets addict”.

My Story

Kitchen gadgets

This is the Alexa, a great timer and music when cooking!

Okay, you are supposed to say “Hello, diyhomegoddess”. Hello? Is anyone out there with my problem? I am sure there is. Alton Brown says don’t buy anything that you can’t find at least two uses for. And don’t buy anything just to have it. But I can’t help it! I have everything under the sun I can afford and have room for (well, maybe I’ve run out of room).

I take lots of cooking classes, and whenever there is a new thing used in the class I don’t have, if I like the recipe, I will buy it. Right now, I only have two gadgets I’ve never used. A hot oil fryer (don’t know why I haven’t used it!) and a Spiralizer (my family hates veggies, and I’m trying to figure out how to get them to try something tasty).

But how many kitchen gadgets is too many kitchen gadgets?

How Many Kitchen Gadgets Does a Chef Goddess Need?

Okay, I won’t give you a tour of my entire kitchen. There is only room for two chefs in my kitchen, and sometimes that’s pushing it. You may never escape once you enter! I don’t want to be responsible for losing someone’s mother, wife, or partner in my little kitchen.

Read more

Spice Blends – It’s All About the Flavors!

spice blendsSpice Blends- It’s all about the Flavors!

Why do I need spice blends, you are asking. My dear diy home goddesses! Ethnic cuisines have a specific flair to them. It’s not always based on the foods being made, it’s more to deal with the spices that go with it.

Yeah, people say Greek, and this diy home goddess instantly thinks of lamb and feta cheese. But, it’s also prevalent in Middle Eastern, Aussie, some French and Italian dishes. And it’s an alternative in America to ham at Easter.

A stew can host a lot of ethnic varieties, such as American, Hungarian, French, Spanish, German, Caribbean, Italian… you get the point.

Sometimes, flavor depends on the ingredients used. But the best way to bring ethnic flair to a meal is through spice blends. And it’s easy peasy to do that with staple spices you probably already have in your kitchen.

Many recipes have a list of spice ingredients. But let’s say you are a true diy home goddess, and are just throwing ingredients together to make up your own dish. Or let’s say you want rice or chicken or steak, and you want a kick instead of the same old boring, plain dish. Here’s where you can make your own spice blends and put them to good use.

If you want, you can buy packets of the spice blend or jars of it, ready to use. Or you can be a true diy home goddess and throw the combinations together with what you have in your spice rack. That way you can make the spice blend as needed. And it saves money!  Read more

Recipe Change and Substitutions

Recipe changeRecipe Change and Substitutions

My Story

Sometimes I have to do a recipe change up. Not for any specific reason other than because I want to.

I wanted a crumble, but I wanted strawberries, not apples. Could I do that?

There are times the mood strikes me to make something, and I get started. That’s when I find out I don’t have all the necessary ingredients. Half way through the preparation. It’s too late to go to the store then. So I punt and do a recipe change up.

Or the recipe has something in there I just don’t like. Or there was too much of something and not enough of something else. So I changed it.

Yes, my diy home goddesses, a recipe is not set in stone. At least for the most part. Baking, yeah, that’s a little harder to do, except for flavor profiles. But most recipes you can do what you want. Do a recipe change up!

Why Talk About Changing Recipes?

Well, let me give you the scoop. Read more

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