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Cara Brookins’ Memoir – Rise (How A House Built A Family)

cara brookinsRise – A Memoir by Cara Brookins

My Story

I was at a writing conference last year. I had the opportunity to listen to Cara Brookins discuss her memoir, ‘Rise (How a House Built a Family)’. She was a very inspiring woman who I had to listen to, because of what she did. I could relate to her in so many ways.

Before we start, I apologize if I got any of the story wrong. It was so inspiring, I may have mixed up a few details. These are my errors!

Cara Brookins’ Story

Cara Brookins was a woman with four children. Count them, four! She admitted to picking the wrong type of men. Abusive men. She finally hit a brick wall and chose to change her life, for her and her kids. She chose to leave and try to start over. I know, many people don’t understand about accepting the abuse. If you haven’t been through it, you may not. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me, this diyhomegoddess had the same history, so I got it). And yes, I have also chosen to escape. I am must stronger now.

Cara Brookins is a freelance writer, an author, and a computer geek. 

What did she do, my diyhomegoddesses? On a trip with her kids, she found an old destroyed house, and it spoke to her. She built a house!  Read more

Kitchen Gadgets for the Diyhomegoddess


I admit it. “Hello, my name is diyhomegoddess, and I am a kitchen gadgets addict”.

My Story

Kitchen gadgets

This is the Alexa, a great timer and music when cooking!

Okay, you are supposed to say “Hello, diyhomegoddess”. Hello? Is anyone out there with my problem? I am sure there is. Alton Brown says don’t buy anything that you can’t find at least two uses for. And don’t buy anything just to have it. But I can’t help it! I have everything under the sun I can afford and have room for (well, maybe I’ve run out of room).

I take lots of cooking classes, and whenever there is a new thing used in the class I don’t have, if I like the recipe, I will buy it. Right now, I only have two gadgets I’ve never used. A hot oil fryer (don’t know why I haven’t used it!) and a Spiralizer (my family hates veggies, and I’m trying to figure out how to get them to try something tasty).

But how many kitchen gadgets is too many kitchen gadgets?

How Many Kitchen Gadgets Does a Chef Goddess Need?

Okay, I won’t give you a tour of my entire kitchen. There is only room for two chefs in my kitchen, and sometimes that’s pushing it. You may never escape once you enter! I don’t want to be responsible for losing someone’s mother, wife, or partner in my little kitchen.

Read more

My Review on the Kreg Jig


What is a Kreg Jig, my diy home goddesses? It is the most wonderful tool, if you want to try to make a few simple things. ‘Like what’, I hear being whispered in the background. Well, have a seat, and let me tell you all about my experience.

My Story and a Little History on the Chair Rail

My living room was not useable. Imagine, a useless room! I mean, I live in my kitchen and my basement. I don’t get a lot of company, so I don’t need a formal living room. Its set up is not conducive to a media center. A fireplace takes up a lot of wall. And it’s kind of small for a pool table, ping pong table, or any fun toys. It was just wasted space.

Kreg Jig

Here is my handiwork with the Kreg Jig

Kreg Jig

See how nicely they fit under the chair rail?

furniture touch up

The Poker Table

Prohibition Liquor Cabinet

And the prohibition liquor cabinet!

So I decided to turn it into a ‘gentleman’s room’. I envisioned a library, with a poker table. You know, the kind of room where people could play cards (or in my case, blackjack), or read, or write mysteries, or play computer games, or even work on their blog.

But I had this big problem, you see. I had chair rails on every single piece of wall in the living room. Chair rails protect the walls from dings from a chair. So why where they in the living room? Yeah, I had them in the dining room, and in the front hall for that matter. Read more

Shim – What is it and Why do I need it?


Shims? Seriously? Why?

A shim can be very useful. Some people call it a spacer, so if someone is talking about that, they might be talking about a spacer. I found lots of uses for shims in my house as well as on the internet. There is even instructions on how to use a shim to break a padlock. That is NOT what I am here for!

Shims can be made out of several different materials. Wood (usually a composite or cedar) that needs to be cut to the right size with a saw (if you can’t just hie the whole thing). Plastic (I guess that would look like a putty knife style?) are handy because you can snap/break them to the right size.  And even metal ones (gee, I wonder if this is what they were talking about for breaking and entering!)

What Is a Shim?


this is what a shim looks like. See the tapering?

Here is what I have for shims. A shim is a thin piece of wood, tapered from one end to the other. they average size is about 9-10 inches long, and about 1 1/2 inches wide. The depth of the thing is what makes it a shim. It ranges from 1/16 inch on one end to 3/8 inch on the other end.

They are darn cheap. You should always keep a package of them in your tool chest. A set of 12 (the usual package at your home improvement store) will run you a whopping two dollars! NOT two hundred dollars, $2! Whoo hoo! Read more