Tile Mural for Kitchen Styling


Tile Mural for Kitchen Styling

The Story

There is this wonderful internet shop called the Tile Mural Store. They have ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles to personalize your kitchen (or bath, or bar area), so that it looks like no one else’s. And I saw a lot of picture in the company’s gallery. You can believe me, there are no two rooms alike in there.

Note: I need to send my pictures to the company to add to the gallery.

When I was redoing my kitchen last year, I decided I wanted to redo the back splash. Someone recommended the plastic tin looking tiles for me when I bought the house because they were easy to clean. They didn’t have any grout that would get messed up. They were a silver tone, so they went with everything. You didn’t need to use any thin-set, because they were attached by using double sided tape.

Heck, I didn’t know any better, so that is what I bought. What were they called? Fasade-18-in-x-24-in-Traditional-4-PVC-Decorative-Backsplash-Panel. They were cheap. The EX put them up in a little over an hour, with some patchwork cutting (which I realized later was a sucky job). But I went with it. As I said before, I was going through a mid life crisis when I bought my first house, so I did what people suggested.

Tile Mural

This is what was originally put up, when I didn’t know any better

Yeah, they were definitely easy to clean, and they didn’t clash with anything in the kitchen. They kind of matched since the appliances I purchased were all the stainless steel look anyway.

But as I was designing my kitchen makeover, I realized I hated the things. Actually HATED them! My handyman said I could take them off myself. When I took them off the walls, I was kind of mad. Not only had the EX left the instructions taped to the back of the tiles (WTF?), the double sided tape removed some of the drywall, that I had to repair myself with spackling putty. Fortunately, I was covering it with tiles, so I didn’t have to get the walls repainted, just patched.

The Hunt

So I started searching for ideas, because I decided I wanted real tiles. I wanted a retro look. I was looking for red so it would match the pinstripe on the cabinets. Nothing at the Home Depot was in the store that was red. I would have to order red tiles, and several samples would not be worth purchasing. I had the same problem with Lowes and Overstock. No one had red for me to look at. And, what kind of tiles did I want?

  • Subway (a variety of sizes)
  • Square (could be diamond by flipping)
  • Penny
  • Mosaic
  • Hexagon

I was drawing a blank at the decision because I wanted some red, not totally red. Just splashes of red. I was thinking about getting Daltile in white with red diamond inserts, but that would be a lot of cutting. I’d never done any tile work before, except on furniture with mosaic sheets, so I was a little skeptical of my skill set. Plus, this would have to be something I could do at night. Thin-set starts to harden fairly quickly, so I couldn’t take my time doing individual tiles when I had no clue what I was doing.

The Find

I asked Jennifer for advice, because she is a wiz on finding things on the internet. She found me the Tile Mural Store. It is an amazing store. Thousands of ideas, all kinds of themes; check them out with the links below.

  • Abstract Accents
  • Animal Accents
  • Celestial Accents
  • Comical Accents
  • Fruit/Veggie Accents
  • Inspirational Accents
  • Kitchen/Bath Accents
  • Nautical Accents
  • Plant/Flower Accents
  • Sea Life Accents
  • Wine Accents

Classic or novelty. Some are just designs, some are paintings. They are artists who have given their permission to turn their art into tiles. Each one is made personally when ordered, by some fabulous machinery. They come in porcelain, ceramic, or stone, depending on the look you want in your kitchen. They are gorgeous! It was fun looking through everything, and looking at the gallery for inspirations.

The Decision

I had a heck of a time deciding what kind of tile mural I wanted.

  • Did I want fun or serious?
  • Did I want cute or classy?
  • Did I want a scene or just some doodle thing?
  • Did I want a color scheme or just generic?
  • Did I want a theme picture?
  • What size tiles (4×4 or 6×6) did I want?
  • What size mural wold I need for where I could put them (all kinds of sizes)?

When picking a tile mural, you want to do some serious thinking. You can’t order these and then return them if you change your mind, since they are custom made for you. So think about what you want to be staring at every day for the next 10 years. That is how I made my decision. I loved the cute chef things, but it wasn’t what I wanted to look at every day. I wanted to look at a picture. I wanted french or italian, my favorite foods to eat. I liked the scenes, but wasn’t sure if they were me. I wanted something that represented me as a home cook. So I went with:

Tile Mural

Here is the italian food table. This went over my stove.

Tile Mural

Here is the french food table. This went over my sink.

TIle Mural

These are the accent tiles that are in excess space.

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