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Holiday traditions are celebrated around the world. However, sometimes we get so involved in the holiday and/or commercial traditions we forget to actually have fun on these days. 

My Story

It is my tradition to always buy my Christmas presents throughout the year, so I don’t have to go to the mall after Thanksgiving. But last year I was in a funk. I was running around trying to get presents up until a week before! Miserable.

I am going to start something new this year. Create new traditions. I want to celebrate all the standard (and some nonstandard holidays). Any diyhomegoddess wants to have fun. I want each of you to think of something different you can do, to enjoy this year. Try at least one of these ideas. Or come up with your own!

Traditions To Create:

First Quarter Traditions

New Years Eve – Research the internet for a new smoothy to try. Something where you can put some protein powder in it. Something pretty. Maybe a chocolate/peppermint drink? Or can you turn a Screwdriver into a smoothy by adding ice, protein powder and throwing in a blender?

New Years Day – Everyone does resolutions, right? Most don’t make it past the first month. So this year make a resolution you believe will succeed. What about giving yourself me-time each month. One day a month, schedule time to do something just for you!

Valentine’s Day – mail out a box of those kid valentine cards to your friends and family. Pick a love or friendship quote and write it on the back. Don’t forget to send one to you!

Mardi Gras – This is a holiday most people know of, but don’t know about. It is a great holiday with so many traditions! There are many things you can do here. Where gold, purple and green beads from a party store to work. Buy a King Cake. Wear a mask. Or wear a crown and make yourself king for the day. Having a creative moment? Draw or make a tissue box prototype of the kind of float you should be in the parades. Food? Have some creole sustenance. Make sugar cookies and decorate them with yellow/gold, green and purple decorating sugar.

St Patrick’s Day – This is a crazy day, depending on where you live. Eat some Irish food, even if you have to order it to go from somewhere because the lines are too long for a table. Something like Shepard’s Pie (yes, you can make it with ground beef instead of lamb, it’s called a Cottage Pie then). Or find an easy recipe and make it yourself. FYI, a Ruben is not Irish, it’s Jewish!

Second Quarter Traditions

April Fools Day – Play a prank on your BFF. Nothing harmful, mind you, but get into the spirit of it.

Easter – Do an Easter egg hunt. You know what I mean, those plastic eggs you fill with candy or other small gifts. Hide them all over the house the night before. If you have kids, do it with them! Don’t stand on the sidelines while they do all the work! If it’s just you and one other person, you each label half the eggs, and you have to find the other’s half. Finding yours doesn’t count.

Cinco de Mayo – This is one that isn’t celebrated much in the US. But we all love Tex-Mex food, right? Make Enchiladas and rice for dinner. You can do beef, chicken, sour cream. Here’s a good recipe. Or if you are a vegetarian, I bet you have your own recipe. If you don’t like all the work in wrapping the enchiladas (I don’t), just layer the ingredients like a lasagna and cook until everything is bubbling.

Mother’s Day – This is not a day to go out to eat. It’s the busiest day for restaurants. You know that, right? Treat yourself to a romantic movie and a box of chocolates. Cry all you want. Even if you don’t have kids, I know my diyhomegoddess’ mother someone!

Memorial Day – This is a day for the US to honor fallen veterans. I would get one of those mini flags and take it to the nearest cemetery. Find a tombstone with a soldier’s name on it, and place it on the gravesite. Then have a drink on their behalf!

Third Quarter Traditions

Father’s Day – This is a hard one for a diyhomegoddess. If you are a single mom, it’s a bit more justified. I am both mother and father to my daughter. Do something a man would do today. Go to a firing range. Go see a baseball game. Take yourself to an action flick. Drink Cognac and smoke a cigar if you have to!

4th of July – Independence? Do the old watermelon trick today. Cut a hole in a full watermelon, put a vodka bottle in the watermelon, and let it soak for 12 hours. Here’s a website with the instructions.

Labor Day – Figure out a way to celebrate the hard work you do every year! Diyhomegoddess’ should get a mani/pedi today. Or treat yourself to a massage! Or a facial! It’s advisable to get this done by a professional, but if you do it yourself, have your children help with the mani/pedi, or the significant other with a massage. Celebrate by pampering yourself today.

Fourth Quarter Traditions

Halloween – A lot of people don’t go to parties anymore. If you do, I dare you to dress up for it. Something off the wall. Or if you stay at home and hand out candy, dress up for it! Something that will make the kids laugh. What about looking like Lucille Ball when she woke up in the morning, robe, curlers, and a bad make up job? 

Thanksgiving – This year, do an easy Thanksgiving so you can enjoy yourself. If you insist on the traditional dinner, order it! Or maybe you can do some appetizers made in advance. Kind of like a tailgating party? Swedish Meatballs (using turkey, this could be done in a crockpot very early in the day). Ham and Cheese Tortilla Roll-ups (instead of a ham, this is put together and fridge overnight). Pineapple and Cherry Kabobs glazed in a melted jam. Macaroni Salad instead of Mac&Cheese. Tiny New Potatoes wrapped in Bacon and served with Sour Cream to dip into. Fresh Green Beans with an Onion Dip, anyone? Depending on the number of people, 6-8 appetizers will be enough to fill everyone. Just have the traditional apple or pumpkin pie!

Christmas Eve – Open one gift! Just one for everyone! Maybe have everyone make something homemade for another person, and you have to guess who made it. Kind of like Secret Santa.

Christmas Day – Give a gift to yourself this year. Something for me time. Maybe try to get it early in the year, wrap it in Christmas paper, put a tag that says “me time” on it, and open it on Christmas Day.

Another Idea to Create Traditions

Check out for any day of the year. If you want to celebrate a day for no reason, find one of your favorite foods and celebrate on that day! Who knows, maybe you will start traditions revolving around food all year!

  • You like Maple Syrup? December 17th is the day for you.
  • You love Fried Chicken? July 6th is the day.
  • There’s even one for February 29th, Frog Legs!

And Voila!

There you have it. A year’s worth of holidays to treat yourself to selfishness.

What other holidays can you think of where you can do something a bit different? A bit unexpected? A bit of fun? 

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