Traffic Flow in Your Room


Traffic Flow in Your Room

My Story

I have no traffic flow to my rooms. Any diyhomegoddess who doesn’t have flow, needs to change it up now. I have this habit of putting all my furniture against the wall. Why? Because I’m a klutz, and don’t want to be tripping over everything. Plus my family likes to leave things lying around anywhere. The coffee table will block the view of that book on the floor.

But if you think about it, the best setup for a formal party is to have food in sprinkled places with access on both sides, drinks in another area, tables in the middle, with plenty of walking space all around.

What To Do

According to several websites, you should have a traffic flow to your rooms. The best one I found is a website about apartments. Yes, it’s called Apartment Therapy. It’s a good website. I promise. You can link to it here.

Here is a Few Quick Tips

  • Make sure your entry ways to the rooms are totally uncluttered.
  • Have about three feet of walking room around all furniture.
  • Having a foot of space between your wall and the furniture makes for a more inviting, cozy setting.
  • Do you have a good focal point in the room? Make sure you can see it from the entryway. Get things out of the way to showcase the piece.
  • Try to make triangles in the larger rooms.

What Have I Done?

Well for starters, I have a townhouse, and this diyhomegoddess has very small rooms. But I have been able to do two different rooms with some changes, especially the triangles.

In the living room, I have two separate areas, the ‘library’ and the ‘writing’ areas.

In the basement, I have the television area and a separate area for the bar and piano.

That’s about all I can do with a tiny house, unless I do a major renovation. Which I cannot afford.

And Voila!

Give it a shot. Change up your rooms a tiny bit with these tips.

What would you change in your living room for better ‘party’ traffic flow?

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