Unclog the Bathroom Sink


Unclog the Bathroom Sink

My first plumbing repair was a success, after several months of agony. I had spent a long time with a bathroom sink that would not drain properly. Yeah, it eventually did, but I had to stick an old toothbrush in the drain to keep the stopper open, and it would take like a half hour for one inch of water to disappear.

  • I had a friend try to fix it by moving the stopper up so it would be open more.
  • I had a plumber try to fix it when a toilet had to be replaced. He looked at the trap and cleaned it out. When it happened again when he tested, he suggested a new sink.
  • I tried a snake.
  • I tried Drano.

Nothing worked. The stupid drain still wouldn’t do its job. I could not unclog the bathroom sink. I was beginning to wonder if I would have to replace the vanity, which was basically going to be big bucks. You see, the vanity was attached to the wall, and when it had been installed, they had to cut the door frame to make it fit. So we are talking a major repair job to rip out the old vanity, put in a new one, fix the wall and the door frame. I saw lots of $$$ in front of my eyes.

unclog bathroom sink

A great resource

Then I got this wonderful book from a friend for Christmas. The Black and Decker Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair. It looked so cool, with all those pictures showing what the words were saying. I looked up clogged drains (or something like that), and it gave me three steps to approach the problem. I thought I would give it a try, before I called the plumbing company.


unclog bathroom sink

From Home Depot Website – Clearing Sink Drains with a Plunger

Steps to follow

The first step was to use a plunger and see what comes up. I plugged the air hole, filled a little water in the sink, and plunged away. I started seeing  gunk come up into the sink, discoloring the water to a nasty shade. I really don’t know how to describe it. It looked kind of like black paint chips that were being pried loose by the pressure from the plunger. Okay, so there was something obviously blocking the pipes that would not be removed by a snake or Drano, since that had already been tried.

The next step was to remove the nut so I could take out the stopper. But the nut was so tight, I could not get it to budge, no matter how hard I tried.

So I went back to the first step. I grabbed a box of tissues, filled the sink with a little water, started plunging away, and used tissues to grab the gunk and throw it in the trash.  Fill sink, plunge, clean, repeat. It took about a half hour, a box of tissues, and some elbow grease, but it worked! I finally started plunging and getting little to no discharge in the water. I filled the sink with water, and it ran down the drain immediately!

I did it! All by myself!  A goddess can do anything!


  1. James Leber says:

    Next time try to use a vinegar or soda – they worked perfectly in my cases. However, it depends. Not every clog can be dislodged in a such way.

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