Undermount Lights Attachment

Undermount Lights

Attaching Undermount Lights

As you know, kitchen lighting for the counters can really suck, depending on how your kitchen is laid out. I have some under-mounted lights that are life-savers for me, in my tiny kitchen. However, have you ever noticed how sometimes when you attach undermount lights, they don’t stick all that great? Here’s a post I did discussing when I purchased my undermount lighting.

My Story

I have undermount lights that are great in an emergency. They are battery operated. If there’s ever a power outage, which happens ALL THE TIME where I live, they become emergency flashlights. I tried to use the adhesive to stick them underneath the cupboards.

Undermount lights

Look what happened!


I put them up after I had painted the cupboards, using the adhesive, instead of the screws, which I had used before I painted. After a few months, the adhesive lost its grip, and they started falling. Bam! It scared the crap out of this diy home goddess the first couple of times. It must have the same problem the puck lights have. The heat causes the adhesive to corrode. On top of that, the paint was being removed with the adhesive! Look at what they did!

What To Do?

The tape light strips are hidden. They look very sophisticated. I don’t have those, because you need a power strip, and I need my outlets!

The puck lights have the same problem, they will steal my precious outlets! These cannot be adhesive attached because of the heat. They need screws.

If your adhesive doesn’t stick, you can always get ones that you can screw to the cupboard. Easy peasy, right? There’s one problem with that theory. Have you ever noticed how thin the base of the cabinet can be?

Undermount light

This is the base measurement

Undermount light

See? Only 1/2 inch difference

I measured my cabinet bases. They are only 1/8-inch thick, or there about! I have old cabinets (from the mid 70’s) so I don’t know if that’s normal or not. But with the base to screw it in, that means I need a itty bitty screw.

Now how is that going to work? It won’t. Your screws are going to pop through the cabinet bottom. You will have a barrier to keeping your flat food stuffs straight. Plus, you can cut yourself on the edge of the screw. Ouch! It’s not going to work. On top of that, you don’t want to ruin your cabinets. I can’t say for certain it would, but I wasn’t going to take a chance with my original, real wood cabinets.

So I had to stick with the adhesive! OMG! What was I going to do? I used my diy home goddess brain. I asked myself one simple question. What if the paint caused the adhesive to not work? After all, when the lights fell, the paint had come off with it. Seemed to make sense to me, right?


Well, here’s what you do, my goddesses.

  • Make sure your under cabinet area is very clean. I mean, scrub it. Dry it
  • Go to your favorite home improvement store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot.
  • Find the kind of undermount lights you want to use.
  • See if they have adhesive already. Most do, some don’t, or maybe you want stronger.
  • If you desire, grab some double sided adhesive. I mean heavy duty. Like this.Yeah, they say it will be permanent. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. You know how these things go. But let’s give it a shot, shall we?
  • From what I figured out, it’s a bit of a B to peel off, so have patience.
  • Follow the instructions to attach. If you are using double sided tape, it will stick immediately, and will be fully strong within about 24 hours.
under cabinet lighting

The light, before the disaster. Looks the same, except the cabinet is painted white.


Under-mounted cabinet lights that don’t fall. Let’s see how long these will last!

This is a repair any diy home goddess can do!

Have a wonderful day, you beautiful diy home goddesses!


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