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Love Yourself On Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What does one do if they have no significant other? Or even if they do? And what is Valentine’s Day?

l am of the opinion a diyhomegoddess should celebrate herself on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because she can, and who else loves you better than yourself?

History of Valentine’s Day

What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Catholics claim St Valentine was someone who married soldiers against Claudius II rules of having soldiers single. Or there was a man named Valentine in a prison, fell in love with a woman jailor, and sent her the first valentine. Pagans state there was a festival for fertility called Lupercalia on February 15th and women’s names were placed in an urn, bachelors drew a name, and they courted for the next year, with many getting married.

Valentine greeting date back to the Middle Ages, but it is said the first written one didn’t appear until after 1400.

People started sharing valentine cards in the 1800s.

Find more information about the history here.

But Why Bother?

Some think it is wrong to have a specific day to celebrate love, it should be done year round. I agree with that, however there is a certain intrigue of celebrating Valentine’s Day. It’s celebrating love in a different way. Some secret weapon maybe.

  • You proclaim your love to the world, just like at a wedding.
  • You can send a loving message to someone you secretly admire.
  • What if you can only afford a gift once or twice a year for a loved one? Other than birthdays, this should be the day.
  • You can tell all your friends at once, all around the world that you love them, by sending a valentine card. (did you know other than Christmas, it’s the biggest card day of the year?)
  • Hey, it’s an excuse to get a box of candy!

What Kinds of Gifts are Given?

This is a big deal for some people to give a gift on Valentine’s Day. Just look at the internet for all kinds of posts on what to give, how to deal with it. What are the most popular gifts to give on Valentine’s Day? This list is per this statistics website, with my views on the choices after.

  • Candy – A classic, but can be boring
  • Cards – This can be very thoughtfully chosen, or even handmade, which makes it more special
  • Flowers – Prices can go up for this day. Some people don’t like flowers, or are allergic, like me.
  • A Romantic Dinner – This can be nice, but depending on the restaurant, book now!
  • Wine – Why?
  • A Gift Card (Really? Only if it’s a card for their favorite store!)
  • Jewelry – You better know what the person wants if it’s going to be a surprise.
  • Clothing – What is the reason behind this one?
  • Perfume – Too old fashioned
  • Lingerie – No, just no!
  • Other – This is where I am. And any diyhomegoddess should be.
valentine's day

What About You?

I think this year every diyhomegoddess in the world should give herself a gift. Something that reminds you of who and what you are. Here is what I created for myself this year. I created it in Canva (which is free for basic stuff, and you can find it here), but you could do something like this anywhere. Word. Pages. Photoshop? Any art software?

I need to remind myself I love myself. This will do it. I can tape it on my mirror. I can use it as a bookmark. What about putting it in the car?

Check out my post here about other valentine traditions you might want to try.

And Voila!

Create your own present, making something for you.

What will you do this Valentine’s Day for yourself?

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