Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I?

Aren’t I fearsome?

I am a goddess of course! At least I am training myself to be one.

What is a Goddess?

▪A goddess is beautiful on the inside, which is more important than outward beauty.

▪A goddess is loved and admired by others. If not, well, that is their problem.

▪A goddess is a leader. She takes control of situations.

▪A goddess is well rounded in lots of areas.

▪A goddess is full of knowledge, always desires more, and uses it whenever she can.

▪A goddess does things on her own. If she fails, she just moves on to something new. She doesn’t dwell on it.

▪A goddess is adventurous, whether it is in big or small ways.

▪A goddess is interesting at parties.

▪A goddess is a teacher.

▪Most importantly, a goddess is sought out.

No, Really. Who Am I? 

Hi! My name is Hestia Athena. Okay, not really, but it is what I  represent. Just go with it, why don’t you!

One side of me is Hestia, the goddess of the home, hearth (btw, did you know this represents the kitchen, because the fireplace is where food was originally cooked?) and chastity. I can’t help you with the last one (I have 3 kids), but I can help you with the other two.

I grew up before electronic gadgets existed for everything under the sun.

Back then, the average family ate food cooked on a stove by a mom, with dad carving whatever kind of meat we were having. We ate at a dining room table. Restaurants were a special treat, not the status quo. And we did not do fast food places, the few that existed at that time.

Most of the time, cooking was passed down from mother to daughter. I wasn’t that lucky. I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen. Not even at Christmas to help with the cookies! I had to learn to cook on my own once I was married, through trial and error. Definitely was a trial by fire. And believe me, there was a lot of error. I am a pretty good cook now, and I am an awesome baker, if I do say so myself.

The flip side of me is Athena, the goddess of battle, and arts & crafts. This is again all stuff I had to learn on my own. (No one taught me anything; except my teachers with my formal education.)

I fight for what is mine. I fight for what I want. If it is important to me, I hold on tight. That is why I started learning all this stuff about fixing a house. I didn’t even buy real estate until I was going through my mid-life crisis. At least that is what shoulders the decision to buy versus rent, a mid-life crisis. I am like a mama bear protecting her cubs. Or, like Athena, protecting what is hers.

I can do just about anything with the proper instruction, except maybe for computer stuff. I enjoy using my hands. I like building, ’redoing’, and fixing things. That used to be a man’s domain, but no longer. I love flea markets and saving old furniture. I have all kinds of power tools to make and fix things. I putter around the house with a ‘honey do’ list I complete on my own. The stuff I do may not be perfect, but it is perfectly me.


Am I an expert? No. Do I have the formal education of chef, interior decorator and handywoman? No. Remember what I said at the beginning? A goddess gathers, uses and teaches others the knowledge she acquires

I am a strong (sometimes), independent (most of the time) woman who is trying to grow up late in life.

All About the Real Me

Before you say ’this is not possible’, let me invite you into my life.

  • I am really old. I am not computer savvy. I remember when computers were not available for the home. Rotary dial telephone? Yup. My first job? Mag Card readers attached to a IBM Selectric (that is an electronic typewriter to you kids), and the first personal use computer just housed a word processing program. My first electronic game? The Atari 2600, when I was already a mom. I have had this Mac for almost 2 years, and am still trying to figure out how to use it!
  • A single mom with a teenage daughter still at home.
  • A full time job in a large metropolitan area, where I have to be very serious.
  • A couple of close friends and many acquaintances.
  • Play a virtual geo-cacheing game that takes me all over the area.
  • Love to bake and make chocolate truffles at Christmas.
  • A list of hobbies that is endless and crazy.
  • Very retro oriented, with deep, varied interests of music, art, and the theater.
  • Read all the time.
  • Write mysteries to use the creative side of my brain. I don’t know if I will ever get published, but I do it just to say I did it.
  • And I still make time to train myself as a goddess.

If you have any questions about anything, let me know! I will find the answer for you if I don’t already know it.

You too CAN be a goddess!

Who Am I?

I am a goddess, who is determined to do everything. I want to teach women how to do things for themselves. You can depend on you, and there is great pride in doing things yourself. Let me teach you how to DIY vanilla houses into homes with hearts.

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