Your Hobby in Pictures

HOBBY IN PICTURESYour Hobby in Pictures

Do you display your hobby or love?

What do you mean, Hestia?

Do you have a favorite hobby, or love some thing? Some thing that shows who you are? What you are about? Do you show it off? Do you have it in such a place that all it is a conversation starter?

No, you say? I don’t know how to do that, you mutter? Not any longer can you say that, because today we are going to learn to show off your personality, very cheaply, in your home. Display your hobby in pictures!

hobby in pictures

Yeah, it’s a typewriter, just like I learned on.

You all know me by now, and know I have a love of things old fashioned. Not necessarily antiques, but definitely older items touch my heart and soul. Last year I was stalling for time at the train station, and found one of those miniature calendars, showing a typewriter, rotary telephone, real camera, a projector… you get the hint, right? It was so cute, I had to buy it, even though I had no clue what I was going to do with it.

FYI, I am not really organized. I love the idea of calendars and to do lists, but that is not me. I just fly by the seat of my pants for the most part.

I really didn’t want to let those pictures go at the end of the year. So what did I do? I turned them into a set of pictures for my wall. They are all grouped together, to speak to my friends when they are in my library.

It was done for about $50, just using a year long mini calendar (mine is a 6″x6″ format), some coordinating scrapbook papers, and cheap 8″x10″ picture frames I found at Walmart.

hobby in pictures

Cheap Picture Frames

Calendars are best gotten during the Christmas holidays or right after the beginning of the year. That is when the stores have the most, and if you are willing to wait and see if your favorite is still there, wait until the 2nd or 3rd week of January, when you can get them at a discount. You can get them at any book store or some malls have calendar stores, especially near the holidays. Look for inspiration at

Ideas(list courtesy of

  • Travel | Scenic
  • Pets | Animals 
  • Art | Artists
  • Religion | Inspirational
  • Sports
  • Movies | TV | Music
  • Humor | Comics
  • Flowers | Gardens
  • Cars | Motorcycles
  • Pop Culture | Fashion
  • Kids | Toys | Games
  • Food | Drink
  • Moms | Babies
  • Science | History
  • Models | Pinups
  • Weird | Interesting
  • Organizations

Find what interests you. Do you love lighthouses? Find a calendar! Do you love mustangs (the car, not the horse)? Find a calendar! Are you a bird watcher? Love mountain ranges or sunsets? Guess what? Find a calendar! There is a calendar out there for everyone! Your hobby in pictures! Do it, and see if you start a trend with your friends.

hobby in pictures

Finished product, done cheap!

I always have scrapbook papers in my house. I don’t know why, but I do. But head over to your local craft store. You can buy individual sheets if you are looking for a specific color, or you can go hodge-podge, and go with a theme look. I chose old fashioned writing, typing, calligraphy, letters, notes, that kind of thing. Because it looked like it belonged with the centerpieces.

The frames I bought were very basic. You can see what I used here. You can go as fancy or as simple as you desire. I wanted simple because of the odd colors I had in the pictures. I wanted the picture to stand out. If you wanted to be funky, you could use different frames, instead of identical ones.

Instructions (really simple!)

  1. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the frames.
  2. Take the staples out of the calendar.
  3. Trim the picture if necessary.
  4. Tape it (or use stick glue) to the scrapbook paper.
  5. Place in picture frame.
  6. Hang.

That’s it!

Hobby In Pictures

This is half of the pictures. The other half is on another wall.

Decorating ideas for your hobby in pictures

Group them close together on the wall, or spread them around the room.

Instead of doing individual pictures, get one large frame, and make a collage.

You could use different colors of scrapbook paper, and make a ‘mat’. Cut one page 1/2 inch bigger than the picture, then another one 1 inch bigger than the picture. Layer and glue.

Depending on what you use, you could add “comments” to the picture, and tape it inside the frame. Use post-it notes and make some documentary. Or what I did. I have a label maker, and I titled my pictures, so the younger generation understood them. The projector was labeled ‘dvd player’. The typewriter is called ‘pc software’.

This would make a great gift for your friends. Pick up a mini calendar you know they will like, buy come cheap frames (in case they don’t like the frames it’s not a big waste of money) and some scrapbook paper. Present it to them with the instructions.

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